Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sorry friends...

Many people this week have told me "you really need to update your blog." So sorry for being MIA. This month has been extra busy. A lot of my blog followers have also asked what lights did you decide to put on the house. Well let me just say. We came home with colored lights, when we plugged them in to test them before putting them on the house only half worked. Are you kidding, how does that happen. Maybe they were from last year. So then we took them back to Walmart and decided to we would head to lowes, maybe there lights would be better. I helped put them on the house, i was so excited about our lights. Then we walked to the street to look at our house with the lights and realized our house really doesn't look good with lights. Makes it look older than before. Our house is very flat, even if we put them on the peak of our roof you wouldnt be able to see it. And we got the LED cool white lights so they had a blue look. Just didn't love it. The next evening when they came on there were like 10 out at the end of the house. Oh well. Then we go out of town for a little less than a week, we get back and only 8 lights are on.... ARE YOU SERIOUS. We don't have the receipt anymore so guess we are just out that money. We will not put lights on our house again... well maybe when we decide to move. And really only my 4 neighbors on our dead in street saw them. On to our trip we took was to New York. Taylor (yes i said his name) and I went to New York for our first anniversary last summer. It was hot but still so much fun. I couldn't wait to go back but really wanted to go during Christmas time. So that is what our gift was to each other, a trip to New York during Christmas time. It was a lot of fun. We had already done all the tourist things so this time was more about whatever we wanted to do. My brother in law lives there, so did more of the things the locals do. But of course we had to go do the touristy Christmas things. It was beautiful. Weather was perfect 42-46 during the day. Except THe last day was VERY cold but no snow. Taylor was pretty sad, he wanted it to snow so bad but i was ok with no snow.

Taylor and I at Rockefeller Center. I have always seen this tree on TV and in Movies but never realized it is a REAL TREE. Beautiful. This was going to be a Christmas card pic but didn't get around to it... Sorry i didn't send out pic this year. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Our favorite thing we did get to do while NYC was the 9-11 memorial. It was so weird how loud New York is, but standing at the memorial was so quiet. It was very emotional. We got back from New York at 8pm, Taylor and i went straight to bed and then off to work at 6 am then next morning. I didn't plan that very well. Speaking of work. I love my job as a L&D nurse. As of Yesterday i am now off orientation. I also got to learn to srub. Which means to assist the Dr in the OR for c/sections. It is probably one of my favorite things. Yesterday we did 3 before noon. Then another that afternoon. I know that doesn't seem like a lot but it makes your legs hurt standing all day. But so fun. Needless to say today i am off and just sitting on the couch.

Here are a few family pics of us kids at Christmas. Funny that i still say kids, guess i should say siblings and our significant others. My borther, sister-in-law and nephew spent their last Christmas in North Carolina at their house this year. So it was a very different Christmas not being with them. Hopefully next year will be different.
At my family Christmas. Taylor, Me, Ashley and Michael... only 4 more months until their wedding!

At Taylor's family Christmas. Hamilton, Kate, Me and Taylor.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Family feud

Finally after 3 years I got my plug outside. I thought it would take 3 days since I have family that owns an electric company. Haha. But finally the Man wired it for me. Anyway. I. AM. SO. EXCITED! it is in the perfect place!

I know it's hard to tell but this is the corner of the house. Well kind of. To the right of the carport. Basically On the back patio. So perfect place to start my Christmas lights! Wohoo!

This is where the heated conversation comes ups. Those that have not been to our house. It's old. Not the best curb appeal. Don't get me wrong. I love our first home and love what we have done to the inside. But the outside....there is not much you can do. It has these little windows that I guess was the "in thing" in 1960. :) When it comes to Christmas lights on the house I want white. LED of course but then it makes them look a little blue (which i don't like). The Man wants colored. I think white looks better and well we don't have children. Most people that have colored it's bc the kids want it. So I'm just worried that my house, which is on a dead end road so no one will really see it, will have an even worse curb appeal with colored lights.

What do you think... White or colored?

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Where have I been.....

When I decided to start blogging I wanted to make sure it would'nt be something i start and then don't ever get around to keeping up with it. I love when friends that live hours from me are up to date on my life by reading my blog. For instance when i was out of town last weekend one of my friends said "so are you off hold yet"...meaning are you and The Man trying to have a baby yet? It makes me i am sorry that i have been MIA.... I feel like i had more time to blog when i worked night shift, which is crazy because i felt like all i did was sleep during the day for those 3 years. But i will have to say i have been pretty busy with little trips planning my sisters wedding and razorback football games.

My sister, Mom, my sister's future MIL and I went to Florida for a weekend wedding planning trip. We had a wonderful time and got a lot done. EXCEPT lying on the beach... but i will get over it...hopefully will be able to have everything planned enough that we can relax on the beach the wedding weekend! I did get to put my feet in but didn't not put my swimsuit on once.

All four of us out to dinner one night. We did a lot of eating so we could decide where the rehearsal dinner would be.

This picture is outside the venue Ash picked for the wedding and reception. We got to meet with the wedding planner, florist, baker, and photographer!

We had a lot of tasting on this trip... I am a huge fan of the bakerman....but this lady in Florida can make some wonderful cakes!

It was a long day of planning. We love florida but didn't want to make too many trips back and we got to business. Mom and I look a little tired.

We had a little break and then went to the food tasting for the reception. OMG.... It was great... I can't wait until the wedding just so i can EAT! Of course Florida has some great food because all the fresh seafood but everything they gave us to taste was great. But still wasn't hard to pick our favorites for the reception.

After getting home from Florida i had to go straight to work the next 3 days then on another road trip to Fayetteville for the Ark vs Auburn game. AS ALWAYS...we enjoy our busy weekend visiting everyone... A few of our friends are expecting babies was soo nice to see all of them. Some showing and some not so much! It is always such a busy weekend so ofcourse we didn't get to see everyone but sadly that is how it is going to be i guess from now on...

The Man and I tailgating before the game

Me and one of my best friends.... One of the expecting mommies... her belly was still little..i can't wait until she is showing big time :) SOO CUTE!!

Me and Sweet Madison... oh how i wish we lived closer

MyGod sister in law and bestie Kelsi came to find me after the game but only for a short bit! But I was still so excited to see her!

Some of my favorite guys! Needless to say anytime they all get together you know its going to be a good time.

Well hopefully I will be better about blogging.... I feel like i have left ya'll out of a lot lately :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fun finds

I am so excited about our fun junk we found. We are headed to Florida for a wedding planning trip and on the side of the road in Mississippi was a antique/junk sale. I made ash turn around because I saw these old suitcases. They ended up not being in the best condition and didn't have a price so I changed my mind. We found 7 old glass bottles for wedding decor and Ash found a painting that just needs a new frame, all for $7. We didn't have anything to put the bottles in and then the lady said why don't you just take that old suitcase! Yes! Soo excited about our stop!

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Last week with my family....

This is a VERY sad week for me. I posted about it before that All My Children is coming to an end this week. The residents of pinevalley are like family to me. Seriously! THey have been in my life as long as i can remember. My Grandmother was always a fan watching it everyday while we ate lunch. Then there is my mother which would record it for us every day while she was at work and I was at school. Thanks goodness for DVR. My dad would even have it turned on for us if he was home for lunch in the summer.

What I am going to do with myself. Seriously that is the really only show that I watch religously! It is on my DVR daily. I get sad when i realize that it is a Saturday so it will not be on. Then on Sunday they play the entire weeks worth on Soap net. This week is going to be a tear jerker i know. Each day they are ending on an All My Children family. I know most of you thinking Soaps are stupid but All My Children is were many famous people started, like Kelly Ripa and Sarah Michelle Gellar. All of you All My Children fans out there be sure and DVR the view on Friday the entire hour will be about All My Children.

DO NOT WATCH THE CHEW...don't even accidently leave your TV on ABC at noon. Maybe they will bring AMC back!

Monday, September 12, 2011

To be loved by you!

Today the Man and I are celebrating our 2nd anniversary. It just makes me smile to think back to age 14 when i just dreamed of being married to the Sweet Man. Now I am living it. I am so thankful the Lord put him in my life and i found my partner. When i was young and would think about my wedding day i always thought how sad it was for the brides parents, letting their daughter go. No longer have their family name... this was kind of hard for me as a bride. Weird i know..that is another post in itself.

Looking at the pictures I still feel how emotional my wedding day was. While watching my bridesmaids walk out i just started crying. I was soo happy, but it hit me at that moment this is really happening. Then there was my father standing there waiting to walk me down the isle. The moment I always thought was so emotion, my dad letting me go. I was the first of his daughtesr to get married so i am sure it was extra emotional for him too. What am amazing man my father is! You can't tell so much in this picture but we had to dry it up to walk down the isle.

This is one of my favorite photos of the wedding. Love the art in the picture. My sister standing next to me. With my flower girl, lexi, right between us. Lexi is my cousin's oldest daughter....she and her sister are more like neices to me. Holding hands with The Man... with Lexi's eyes on us the entire time.

This is always my favorite moment of every wedding....well besides watching the groom when the brides comes out...but most people do "first glance pics" now so this is my fav. The KISS.... our pic cracks me up how stiff my arm is. But I love it. This day we gave our life to one another and made a vow before friends, family and God. So special.

Happy Anniversary to the Love of my Life. You mean everything to me. I can't wait for the years to come and what God has planned for us.

First time to actually use this title post...but i think of it everytime I try to think of a title. But it works perfect for todays post.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I will never forget!

The football game was obviously a good one. Can't even remember final score bc it was not much of a game. We played great. Warming the guys up for A&M. I hope you all got to see how cool the stadium looked on television. Anyway.

I will never forget 10 years ago today. I was a junior in high school. We watched tv all day. When I got home my Dad explained everything to me a little more and told me to not ever forget where I was on that day.

My brother in law lives in New York. He said it was crazy downtown today. He is staying away for a while but will go check out the memorial one day this week. I can't wait to see his pics. Will share them with you all as soon as he goes.
Love this pic!

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Razorbacks remember

Wow..... Gives me chills!

Just a reminder to those razorback fans that are going to the little rock game tomorrow don't forget the red, white and blue out. Fans in odd numbered sections wear white and those in even numbered sections wear red. The man and I are in section 30 so we will be wearing red. The student section will get blue shirts, so that is where the blue comes in. They also have shirts in white and red that they made for the red white and blue out.

Amazing how everyone comes together on this day. I love it. Those that know me I am very I wouldn't miss this game for anything.

They have many neat things planned for the game. I can't wait. Every time I turn on the tv there is a "remembering 9-11" going on. I still just sit and cry every time i watch any special on 9-11! This is also a special time for the man and me. We had our rehearsal dinner on 9-11 and got married on 9-12! Obviously dates we will never forget for two reasons.

We celebrated our first anniversary in New York a couples of weeks before our actually anniversary, neither the man or I had ever been there. Seeing all the construction 9 years later was crazy. Now we plan to go this December so we can see the new world trade center and 2012 to visit the museum.

This was basically a pit from where the twin towers were. It was hard to see the work they were doing because of the big fence.

We of course had to go to the fire fighter museum for the man. I dressed up in all the garb for a pic.

This is a timeline sec by sec of the September 11.

These are the firefights that lost their lives. It was very emotional room to view.

My thoughts and prayers are with the those families that lost loved ones on that day. They will never be forgotten.

I will share all the fun highlights of the game.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend randoms

The man was out of town on a guys trip with his college friends. So this means I'm left home with the dogs. We will be out of town so much during football season that I hated to ask my parents or the mans to keep our child dogs so I could get away. One of my friends went out of town too so I also kept her 9 month old lab Dutch. At least everyone else is having a fun weekend.

The man and I thought about getting another dog, so glad we had Dutch this weekend bc it made me realize three dogs is way too many. They were all so sweet and got along so well but each thought they would be left out of something so they seriously followed me everywhere and when we would just be sitting they would all pile up on me. Crazy dogs. Sweet Lottie did not like Dutch when we had them at our cabin together. Basically neither Lottie or Dutch are fixed so he just really LIKES her if you know what I mean. So she was always very close to me. Which I love cuddle time with sweet baby girl.

Talking about weekend fun my cousin, Sara, sent me this pic of her. She did a warrior dash. This was the first I have heard of this. She like jumps over fire and swims through mud. I don't believe we have this in my town but I would love to do it. Hope you don't mind that I posted this pic Sara. So ready to see you this weekend!

I basically stayed home all weekend. Saturday I watched food network most of the day. I love the pioneer women's blog, didn't realize she had a show. I secretly want to be her. Living on a ranch with her cowboy husband. Too bad The Man is not a least he does wear boots. Anyway she fixed chicken fried steak....yum. Something I enjoy but don't let myself have. So then I was in the mood for fried chicken. I couldn't tell you the last time I had friend chicken. I'm weird and will not eat anything off a bone so I had to go with chicken trips.

Everything is ok in moderation right? Highlight of my weekend. Don't tell the man!

Saturday night I did go see One Day. Can't tell you how I felt about it. You will have to go see it for yourself. Take some tissues.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

I am going to be an aunt again...

Not a true sibling... :) My best friend, Mary Kate, has finally announced that she is pregnant. I AM SO EXCITED. I have this feeling it is going to be a little girl. She is thinking a little boy. I am just tickled to death! Look at this sweet baby!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Dinner date

I had the best dinner date tonight with one of my best friends. It makes me sad to live in different towns than the girls that were like family to me while in college. But it is always so nice to meet up with them. I am having to take a fetal monitoring training class tomorrow so I made some time for dinner with my dear friend while on my short trip. All of our lives are changing so much, which is a good thing, but I just wish we were all in the same town so I would be there for all of it. No pics tonight but found a old college one of us that makes me smile.

This was taken summer 2007. The night before I moved to Charleston, South Carolina for the summer. I love a friendship that even though we haven't seen one another in months, it was like we just saw each other yesterday. Much love.
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gods promises....

This past Sunday my pastor preached on how many promises God gave us in the bible. There really are so many. Why we all worry about life and all the financial problems our country is in, when really we should trust Gods promise that we will take care of us. He is able and WILLING to take care of everything.

I know it is hard for us not to take over and do things our way or sit and worry about the things going on in our life. But just let go of it and give it to the Lord. Although we may not always see it, he is working in our life in so many ways. So comforting....right?

I feel I am normally pretty good about not worrying so much about things I can't do anything about, I do have faith that the Lord will take care of it. But those things in my life that I have control of, now that is where I need to give it to the Lord. Because really I am not in control, but He is.

Tim, my Pastor, explained to us to go ahead and thank the Lord for what he is GOING to do in your life about certain things. This shows you have faith that he will take care of you. Man, I didn't realize how much I needed this sermon until later that afternoon. The Man doesn't love for me to talk about personal things in his life, but let me just say we are trusting the Lord is taking care of things.

Then last night we were going to bed and noticed our carpet in our bedroom, right outside our bathroom, is soaking wet. We both thought to ourselves, seriously. This could be bad. Our house was built in the late 50's early 60's (can't remember). But if it is the plumbing that could be awful, and very expensive. We did what we could to dry it up and would take care of it in the morning. This morning The Man and I reminded ourselves, we just need to trust that it will be something we can take care of and won't break the bank. Basically we think it is from the shower not draining or something. So not as bad as we imagined last night.

Now to my life. I know I have shared with ya'll about my switch to L&D and dayshift. It took awhile for me to get here. And I did complain about it on a regular basis. 3 years on night shift was not easy. I tried to change jobs twice but it didn't work out. I would always think to myself, God has a plan for me. I just needed to enjoy the here and now because life will change for me one day. Then Dr Wilson, a very wonderful OBGYN in-town, moved to my Hospital which moved me to L&D and dayshift. Looking back on my 3 years of night shift I met such amazing girls that I will be friends with forever. And I will say, i think each of us got closer to God with sharing our life stories with one another, and by living our life as an example of a child of God.

One more thing I am dealing with, not sure why it has taken me until now to share. Most everyone close in my life knows The Man and I are ready to have a baby! Each month I look at the calendar and think ok if I'm pregnant this month then this is the due date. My sister is getting married in April, so I have put the "trying" on hold for a couple of months. Her wedding is a destination wedding and I am helping plan it so I HAVE to be there. I don't mind if I'm pregnant in the wedding but obviously just can't be 9 months. I look at the pregnancy wheel at work all the time trying to plan my life. Finally one of my very good friends, Kelsi, which I work with, gave me the best advice. She said stop trying to plan this, you are going to drive yourself crazy, just let God take care of it. Such great advice. He does know best. I'm going to give it all to him!

I couldn't save the picture so I just took a pic of it on the iPad. But I love this and look at it all the time.

Visit to view last weeks sermon. It isn't posted yet but keep checking because it was GREAT!

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Friday, August 5, 2011


Yes... I pulled it off, with a lot of difficulties that came up. My sister, Ashley's, 30th Birthday was July 6. My family was on vacation to the beach on her actual birthday. She had mention once before wanting a "thirty, flirty and thriving" 30th Birthday party so i knew i would have to do something before her actual birthday with all of our friends. She probably thought I didn't even think about doing anything for her b-day since we would all be at the beach togeher. I even tried to get her best friend, that lives out of town, to be here for it but she had other plans. The plan was to not have it at my house but a different location so i wouldn't have to spend time cleaning and cooking and all that good stuff with her asking my what i was doing. I picked Timothy's to have her party. Such a good location although they double booked the area i wanted it to be. Some how the other people got it and not us..but whatever we made it work. My sister's good friend Casey was intown so that is how i was going to get her to Timothys', thinking just the two of them were going to dinner...but then we would all be there. Ashley told Casey she couldn't go b/c my Grandmother and Aunt were intown and she needed to spend time wiht them. Very true...but NO, I NEEDED HER TO GO WITH THE PLAN. But ofcourse its AShley.... makes things a little difficult (those that know her probably have a smile on their face right now b/c this is so true.)

Well all put our heads together 2 hours before the time everyone was getting there to have a new plan. Ashley thought we were eating with my family at a restraunt that was in the same shopping center as Timothys. The Man and ASh's boyfriend acted like they couldn't come so i went to pick her up for "dinner with our family." When we pulled up I looked down by Timothys' and Casey was waiting outside on the cell phone. I said hey Ash is that Casey and then she acted like she wanted to show us the that her Husband came intown to surprise her b/c this week was also Casey's birthday... So finally after fighting with us saying well our family it waiting for us...i said ok lets go real quick... FInally got her inside and to the back of Timothys we headed where everyone was waiting and.....SURPRISE! It took her a little bit to process things...I was so nervous getting her there i didn't think to ask someone to take a picture of her. It was a great night. All of our friends, Mom, Dad, Mamaw and Aunt Debi were there.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy birthday to me...

I got home from work and this was Sitting on the table!

Woohooo best husband EVER! Now I can be on pintrest all the time! Only 5 days until my bday!

Im just soo excited!
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Friday, July 15, 2011

The newest of my little friends

My friend Rachel had a sweet baby girl on Tuesday night. I could just hold her all day long! Cracks me up that she has brown hair like her Dad, unlike Will with blonde like his Mom. Will and Wren, I just love these two and of course their moma!

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Fun fact

Fun fact from my dad.... July 2011 has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This only happens every 823 years! Pretty fun huh? July is my favorite month of the year.... Summertime, 4th of July, full of family birthdays.... Mine, my sister, my nephew, my cousin, my aunt, the man's cousin! Such a good month!

Monday, July 4, 2011

New favorite thing!

I love gel nails! Have you tried them? You should! As a nurse I can not have painted nails or false nails! But since on vacation I decided to get the gel nails done for my first time. They are strong like false nails but they ARE NOT! Many people think they are. But no! They are suppose to last 21 days! Not chip! We are going to see how well it works since I will be at the beach for a week!

Yes I know a little bright! But you can pull it off at the beach!
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

So much love

I just don't know what life was like before getting Lottie! She makes us so happy and Miller our lab loves her so much too! All of our dogs have a story! Ozzi, my yorkie that lives with my parents was a present from the man in high school. Miller our lab I got for Taylor my freshman year of college when The Man and I were trying to figure ourselves out and as a couple. Lottie our boykin spaniel we got the summer before we got married. Our first big purchase together! They make us so happy. Can't imagine the love we will feel for our children one day!

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Tips for the soon to be Mom...

Yes I know I am not a Mom yet so you are thinking why take tips from you.... Most of my patients the past 3 years have all been new moms. So with that being said a lot of people always have A LOT of question... what to expect, what to bring, what to wear... so now that I see all sides, The labor and delivery and the post-partum part of the hospital i can share with you want you need. I took care of a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago and everything she had she would this ok that i brought this... So thought i would share it with all of you!

You can wear normal clothes in but you will change into a hospital gown first thing. (No undies or bra on with the gown..just in case you were wondering)You can bring a couple of pair of PJ's. At the least you will stay one night. You can only put the PJs on after you have the baby. Also a robe if you want to walk in the hall and not be waking in your PJ's. Be sure and bring an outfit for you to wear home. For the baby... they can wear whatever you want them to wear even in the nursery. I mean maybe not some fancy dress but a monogrammed onesie that you have would be just fine. And of course whatever outfit you want them to go home in :) Also, most hospitals take pictures of you baby for their website...they can wear whatever in this photo too. SIDE NOTE: one day when i have a baby i am going to go get some of those huge grannie undies to wear me.. you don't want to wear the ones you wear before the baby and well the hospital ones are ok...but this is just what i would do.

Of course... tooth brush, toothpaste, shampoo and all that good stuff. The hospital will have some but it is not good at all. toothpaste taste awful and the body wash is for all over body including hair.

If you love your own pillow then bring it... it will help you sleep good. If you like certain blankets then you can bring that too.. Just remember the more you bring the more you will be leaving with plus the things people bring you. As for your hubbie or whoever will be staying with you...bring some sleeping pills for them b/c the fold out beds are NOT comfy. I am sure The Man will either be in the bed with me or bring a blow up mattress and possibly be told we can't have it... some people are strict about this kind of stuff.

Do NOT bring food or snacks for you because you can't eat until after the baby is born. Only ice chips...which St. Michael's has the best ice i must say...just like sonic! If your guests need a snack there are vending machines, but that is just not nice to have all these snacks in the room and you can't have any of it... for possibly 24 hours.

If breastfeeding.... a boppy is great to help hold the baby while feeding. Also if you have had a c-section it helps not hurt your belly as much when holding the baby. The little breastfeeding tanks and bras will come in hand too.

If you have a doorhanger...wreath...or whatever go ahead and bring it so as soon as that baby is born you can share it with the world!

Camera of course... some people bring their computer so they can post pictures for everyone ASAP. Also during the delivery expect only 1 or 2 people in the room with you for the delivery. Yes i know that is hard. I personally want The Man, my sister, my mom and The man's mom...BUT... if something where to go wrong they would just be in the way and worried about me and the baby and cause more stress in the room. Your Dr might tell you different but really it is mostly up to the nurse that is taking care of you or the hospital rules.

If you plan on getting an epidural most places everyone has to leave the room. This makes people crazy...but just not it ahead of time. You nurse will be right by your side. The worst part of a delivery, IF HAVE YOU CHOOSE TO HAVE AN EPIDURAL, is the IV start and the little shots in your back to numb you to inter the epidural. If no epidural the cramping and pressure if said to be the worst part, I obviously haven't been in either situation.

Hope this helps all you soon to be Moms out there. It will be a day you never forget. What an amazing job I have to experience a life being born most days i work!

One last thing...If you are coming in to be induced. This is a LONG process... just want you all to know that it doesn't mean a baby will be with you in 2 or 3 could be 24 or more... but not worries you aren't like pushing for 24 hours but just laboring!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Loving life

Sorry I have been missing. I have been very busy with this new job I have. Even though i still only work 3 days a week it worked out that my first 2 weeks on days shift were 3 at the end of the week and 3 at the beginning of the next week! But I LOVE it! it is everything I thought it would be and more. I was a little worried about how I would feel checking to see how far the pt it dilated and all that goodness, but it really wasn't bad and I caught on pretty quick. I am not saying that I am a pro at it yet but catching on for sure. This work week was so fun. I got to take care of a friend. I wasn't there for her baby to be born but just be involved in the care of a friend about to have her baby is great. Then on my last day I had another girl that I know come in. I didn't take care of her but enjoyed visiting with her and her family. Two beautiful babies. I have the best job EVER!

Back to my very first day at was a little crazy/busy and I really didn't know what to expect. BUT how cool...the first baby born that day named their baby mine and The Mans favorite boy name. And then my very first delivery they named the baby Jennifer! Shut up. So crazy huh? I know I will probably be writing a lot of posts about my days at work hope y'all don't mind!

Day shift is great. On my 9th day of waking up before 7 am I thought I was going to over. But I am making it through. I feel so much better. No longer feel like I have been hit by a truck. :) hope you all have a good rest of the week! I am off for a week but already ready to get back!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm sooo ready....

To be here......
In less than a month I will be heading to Hilton Head with my family for our summer vaca. I am soo excited... and so ready to just sit on the beach all day long, with sunscreen!

I forgot to share with you all, for Memorial Day I went to my cousin's house boat to spend the weekend with her and her family at the lake. I am not sure how it happened but I got soo burned. And yes I put sunscreen on. I have heard that after a year it expires. Something you should purchase every summer. So get rid of your old stuff b/c man it was awful. My skin is just now better...but itches and peeling! Hope you all have a good week... I will be starting L&D and day shift this week! woohoo

If you have ever been to Hilton Head let me know what was fun. We have always gone to Destin but decided to change things this year!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 2....

Today is a date I will NEVER forget. The Man asked me to be his girlfriend 11 years ago today. Soo crazy how life has worked out. I also wrote about it last year, pretty lengthy, here. I really think I knew at age 14 that i would marry The Sweet Man. I know most 14 year old teenage girls think they will marry their boyfriend at the time, but it seemed to have worked out for me. I am so thankful for him and love him more and more each day. Life with The Man is always fun, he always makes me laugh. He makes me feel so safe. For some reason I don't worry about things when I am with him because in the end i know he will take care of me.
I am a little worried about going to day shift and sleeping in the same bed with him everynight... b/c he snores...i might end up in another bedroom every time. :) But I feel like have missed out on "us" by working night shift so I am very excited about that.

How he got the name "The Sweet Man" or "The Man." He doesn't like to be talked about on my blog. When i started my blog a year ago, most blogs i read didn't put names on them, so that is why i started calling him The Sweet Man..b/c my blog name is How Sweet It Is! This was funny to some of my close friends b/c they don't see him as a "Sweet Man" he always acts tough and hard core...but not with me...he is Sweet... but since i got made fun of I started calling him "The Man." What a wonderful Man he is. I of course have to work tonight (only 2 more nights on NIGHT SHIFT) but hopefully we will celebrate our dating anniversary this weekend!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Can finally tell...

After my unanswered prayers post i got a lot of fb messages and texts thinking i was pregnant... crack me up. I would have shared it in that post if i was preggers for sure. Getting pregnant is not something i have struggled with over the past year either... anyway... to the good news and PRAYER GOD ANSWERED.

I got a new job... same hospital, same management (kind of) but going to


This is the BEST job ever in my eyes. It is what I went to Nursing School for. Some of you might be thinking to yourself "this is what i thought you did in the first place." Most people think that but really i take care of the mom right after the delivery. So basically I had the "dirty" part of the job. But i loved it, being a part of the best moment in a new mom and dads life is great. Now i am going to be a party of bring a new life into the world. So amazing.

I am very scared, not knowing anything about helping the doctor with the delivery stresses me out. In school we just got to watch, we didn't get to do anything during the delivery. It is a lot of change for me but i kind of like change. I don't know any of the nurses really. I obviously know day shift on my side of the floor and i know night shift on L&D but not day shift. So it will be like my first day as a new grad all over again. But so worth it to do your dream job! It is the same Doctors I have been working with, but as a night shift nurse we didn't see them as much, just called them during the nights.

I tried not to go on and on in posts, but working nights was really hard on me. It was really hard when the man and i first got married. If you haven't worked a 12 hour night shift, it somewhat feels like you have the flu 24/7 or you got hit by a truck. When you are at work it isn't bad but when you have to live a normal day shift life after not sleeping is awful. After a year of night shift i applied for a school nurse job b/c it wasn't looking like i was going to day anytime soon. I think they thought i was to young to be a middle school nurse. Then this past year when my sister moved here and started working at the other hospital in town i decided since she loved it i would apply for a day shift position there. This didn't work out...which were my unanswered i thought.... little did i know i just needed to have faith. After 3 years i am finally doing my dream job. Soo excited and so scared at the same time. And i start in a week... ahhh! I will let you all know how it goes. It is a pay cute but I have always said I would pay someone to let live a normal life. And i never really understood how i could have children and work night shift! Oh i just got offered the job today. I heard that i was possible going to get it and i was taking off the schedule on my floor so i knew something was going on...but didn't want to jinx myself! Say a little prayers for me next first day on L&D.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

So Sweet

This picture melts my heart.

A little over a month I get to spend an entire week with my sweet nephew! So excited about our family trip to Hilton Head!
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Thursday, May 26, 2011


BLT = summertime to me!

Spinach leaves, turkey bacon
and tomatoes on slightly toasted wheat bread! Yum!
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Unanswered prayers

Isn't it crazy how we always feel like we know what is best for us! I have struggled with a few life issues over the past year. I couldn't understand why things were not working out the way I wanted it to work out! I pray and pray and pray and still no answer!

The Lord is so much smarter than us. He has had a plan for me and my little family this entire time and at times I forget this. I have prayed many times if it's your will but when It doesn't work out I seem disapointed. Something recently came over me and I thought there is a reason I am where I am today! And let me tell you my prayers are so close to being answered. I think I just needee to have faith, trust and be patient. I hope to share the wonderful news very soon! God is good!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Showers and such

When Spring hits that is when parties, weddings, wedding showers, baby showers start and then comes summer..which is extra busy too. I have been pretty busy between work and fun events that I forget to post about everything going on. Work has been crazy busy... I guess during August people decide to stay in the air conditioning making May a busy month for me at work :)

Anyway.... last weekend some friends of ours got married and what a beautiful outdoor wedding it was (of course forgot my camera). I had to leave early to attend such a fun wedding shower for my brothers best friend . He and My sister in law weren't able to make it so my sister and I decided we needed to go.

Ashley, Nathan, Kaysi and Me

The theme was a luau... so much fun... wish i would have been that crazy person taking pictures of everything. The house was decorated to nice in the Hawaiian theme... even the food and drinks had a special touch. I have known Nathan for years and didn't realize until the end fo the shower the reason for the Hawaiian Luau is because he is 1/2 or maybe 1/3 Hawaiian. His grandmother was there and sang for all of us... she was just too cute! I took pictures but it was way too dark. She might be the cutest thing i have ever seen.

Then a long week of working and preparing for a baby shower for Haley, my cousin in law :)
The Man's family are some of my favorite people. As mentioned in my last post..this sweet thing came in town for baby shower, along with her mom Madison and Grandmother P-cakes.. fun name huh? I again, didn't put her down. She is the best age to just cuddle with. On Sunday we took at little nap together. I want one! :) The Man is getting close!
So....I showers...everything about them. Decor, little clothes, baby things, baby names. My Mother in Law hosted the shower at her house with her sister. I knew they wouldn't care if i helped with the decor. Sometimes when i am not having the shower i my house i feel i am stepping on people toes making fun things for the shower.

I explained to them you can't have a baby without a door hanger for the hospital door. I have the best job ever and get to take care of the mom after she has the baby, so i get to see all the door hangers. LOVE THEM. This is one i made for Haley and baby Cannon's door. He will be here in July and we can't wait! The food table... and another fun thing i enjoy making... diaper cakes. Sorry i didn't get all of the food i was tryingto keep bodies out of the picture. Close up of the diaper cake.

My MIL and The Man's Aunt were going to pay for someone to make a diaper cake not knowing i make them. I mean i don't like have a business or anything but started doing them about 2 years ago at my sisters in law's baby shower. I wasn't going to pay someone to make it so decided i would learn and since then i have made probably 7 or 8. I wish I had a picture of all of them i have done. I will start now on taking picture of them! If i come across pic of the diaper cakes then i of course will share them with ya'll.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Looks like it will be mostly sunny week. Hopefully no more rain and tornado like weather. Keep Joplin families in your prayers.