Monday, May 31, 2010

Celebrating our Sweet Hereos

I think we all forget about the reason we celebrate Memorial Day. I was listening to Kid Kradick (not real sure how he spells it) but he was talking about how everyone makes all these plans for a fun memorial day weekend and we don't even take the time to realize the true reason for memorial day. We all talk about the true meaning of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Eater and the 4th of July. But when we talk about Memorial Day weekend we talk about our vacations to the beach or trip to the lake or river or time spent with family. So at this moment I am riding on top of my aunt and uncles house boat going back to the dock and wanted to share with y'all my view.

Im so thankful for the soldiers fighting for our country. And the families that have loved ones who are there. Anyone that knows me well knows that I'm a very patriotic person. No I didn't bring out the American flag swim suit this time. (Ashley would have killed me). But did have a great day yesterday and today on the lake. Thank you McDaniels for another great time at the lake. More pictures soon.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010


So I had a wonderful weekend with The Sweet Man in Dallas. We went to the Cubs vs Rangers games. Made a weekend of it. But anyway to the point. I'm getting pictures taken in Dallas tonight (more about this in the future). The Sweet Man has to get back to Texarkana and my sister and Niki are on there way so I decided The Sweet Man could head home and I will wait for My sister and Niki at The cheesecake factrory and enjoy this little piece of heaven.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Lottie

Sweet Lottie is one year old today. As i wrote in the blog before, she can be a handful. But we love her so much. She is just so sweet, and pretty and the best personality. The Sweet Man and I got Lottie 2 months before we got married so she is extra special to us. We do have 2 older dogs Miller & Ozzi but just one sweet baby girl Lottie.

She is a boykin spaniel. The Sweet Man has always had labs and big dogs and my family would have all different kinds but never a boykin.

Little history on boykins they are the "dog of South Carolina". They are great hunting dogs. Very good for retrieving. She was too hung this year to go with the sweet man but already has plans to go on a quail hunt this fall.
Enjoy pictures of the sweet baby girl.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

I love sweet Lottie, but....

Having a dog and a pretty back yard just doesn't work well. If anyone is thinking of getting a puppy and loves having your yard looking nice with green grass and beautiful flowers....think again. I have green grass along with some areas that are now brown from where her and miller run. Also areas that she dug as far as she could. And just yesterday the sweet man (although not so smart yesterday) put my hanging baskets, that I just got last week, in the yard so they could get water from the rain. This is what I woke up to....

All she wanted was the basket, chewed it up and left the flowers alone. I was so sad. I was thankful the sweet man was watering the flowers, but hopefully he now knows not to do it like that again. But look how sweet she is, can't stay mad too long.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

I love SHOWERS!!!!

This past weekend I had a baby shower at my house for a good friend of mine that I also work with. I hosted the work shower for the Mother-to-be and Sweet baby Aven. I love showers. To have all your friends and family in one place for you. I haven't had a baby shower since I have no children but i love throwing them. There are so many cute themes and ideas out there.

This is an awful picture of me but had to have one with the Mother-to-Be!

Her nursery is black and white Damask with green and pink. So i of course went all out on the pink and a little bit of green here and there!

I took a picture of the food table before we got all the food into the dishes... we were hungry girls but not that hungry!!!

I surprised the Mother-to-be by getting ahold of her maternity pictures that she had not recieved yet. And had a fewed framed for her!! (For those planning a shower...very good decoration and sweet gift for the mother-to-be)

This is an easy and cheap way to decorate and something extra for the Mom to take home. These are onesies from Targert. And i think they were pretty cute if i say so myself!

The favors might be my favorite part of the shower. I thought it was just too cute. And who doesn't like eatable favors!

A few of the work girls at the shower!

And the best part of hosting a shower is having your kitchen help. Two of the Mother-to-be and my friends and my sister came to help with the dishes and such while I was enjoying the shower. Thanks girls.. couldn't have done everything without you!
Only a week or so until Sweet Baby Aven is here with us! CAN'T WAIT!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Praying for Cohen

So... I haven't gotten to tell you about my little button to the Right side that reads "praying for Cohen." This is one of the blogs that i keep up with on a daily basis, and made me want to start my own. If you click on the button you will get to read all about Cohen and what they are going through. It is so great to read her blog, and see how God works in so many lives. People Megan doesn't even know have contacted her and reaching out to help them in every way they can. Everytime I read this blog i get chills. How powerful prayer is.

I have known Megan for i guess about 10 years now. Megan was like a sister to my hubbie. Her family was like his second family. I haven't seen her in a few years but we talk to her parents and brother every now and then. I love reading her blog and getting to keep up with her pregnancy every week. Please keep sweet baby Cohen in your prayers.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wedding Bliss...

So one of my very best friends, Mary Kate, got married this weekend. I was working all last week and then off to Fayetteville for weekend of fun festivities. So I haven't been the best at blogging. I am still very new to it. I will put pictures soon (when i learn how) of the wonderful weekend! I should take a class about blogging. One of my dear friends was suppose to go through all this with me but...well...she has much better things to do with her life. But hopefully will help me soon! So I can get this thing going.