Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Big move....

I had a few posts on fb and pics on instagram, but yet to blog about our big summer change. We had our house on the market but really not in a hurry to sell. We found land that we liked but hatesd to buy it before we had our house sold. With the house on the market for only 2 months. Someone made an offer....1,000 less than we were asking. Cash and needed to move in in 2 weeks...SOLD!!! But 2 WEEKS.... What were we thinking. We got it done but man that was one busy couple of weeks!

I actually found this house before we got married. Taylor lived in it a year before we got married then we lived there together for 2.5 years. So many memories. Kind of bitter sweet!

But as soon as we sold our house we bought the land we were looking at. Put all of our things in storage and...Taylor, Miller, Lottie and I moved in with my in-laws. We will probably be here for at least six months.

But we are excited to say we were quickly starting on the house.

I feel like it is going up so quick. We really have only been on this for a little over a month.

Thankfully had this finished before we got the hurricane weather....which really didn't hit us too bad.

We have also spent all of our labor day weekend at the house. Cleaning up and taking loads to the dumpster..... and well Taylor spent majority of his time on this thing. I think he was just being a boy and playing with his toy:)

We are thinking we will be in the house in December or January... So excited! I will keep y'all updated on the progress!

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