Monday, October 17, 2011

Where have I been.....

When I decided to start blogging I wanted to make sure it would'nt be something i start and then don't ever get around to keeping up with it. I love when friends that live hours from me are up to date on my life by reading my blog. For instance when i was out of town last weekend one of my friends said "so are you off hold yet"...meaning are you and The Man trying to have a baby yet? It makes me i am sorry that i have been MIA.... I feel like i had more time to blog when i worked night shift, which is crazy because i felt like all i did was sleep during the day for those 3 years. But i will have to say i have been pretty busy with little trips planning my sisters wedding and razorback football games.

My sister, Mom, my sister's future MIL and I went to Florida for a weekend wedding planning trip. We had a wonderful time and got a lot done. EXCEPT lying on the beach... but i will get over it...hopefully will be able to have everything planned enough that we can relax on the beach the wedding weekend! I did get to put my feet in but didn't not put my swimsuit on once.

All four of us out to dinner one night. We did a lot of eating so we could decide where the rehearsal dinner would be.

This picture is outside the venue Ash picked for the wedding and reception. We got to meet with the wedding planner, florist, baker, and photographer!

We had a lot of tasting on this trip... I am a huge fan of the bakerman....but this lady in Florida can make some wonderful cakes!

It was a long day of planning. We love florida but didn't want to make too many trips back and we got to business. Mom and I look a little tired.

We had a little break and then went to the food tasting for the reception. OMG.... It was great... I can't wait until the wedding just so i can EAT! Of course Florida has some great food because all the fresh seafood but everything they gave us to taste was great. But still wasn't hard to pick our favorites for the reception.

After getting home from Florida i had to go straight to work the next 3 days then on another road trip to Fayetteville for the Ark vs Auburn game. AS ALWAYS...we enjoy our busy weekend visiting everyone... A few of our friends are expecting babies was soo nice to see all of them. Some showing and some not so much! It is always such a busy weekend so ofcourse we didn't get to see everyone but sadly that is how it is going to be i guess from now on...

The Man and I tailgating before the game

Me and one of my best friends.... One of the expecting mommies... her belly was still little..i can't wait until she is showing big time :) SOO CUTE!!

Me and Sweet Madison... oh how i wish we lived closer

MyGod sister in law and bestie Kelsi came to find me after the game but only for a short bit! But I was still so excited to see her!

Some of my favorite guys! Needless to say anytime they all get together you know its going to be a good time.

Well hopefully I will be better about blogging.... I feel like i have left ya'll out of a lot lately :)

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