Saturday, June 19, 2010

Being a Nurse!

One of the best parts of being a nurse is taking care of people you know. Or their kids. It is fun. And also when they bring you stuff like this......

A bag full of candy. Love it. Thanks Jill. Always remember to take care of your nurses :)

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our hiking trip!

Today we went on a hike to Hanging Rock. I do love outdoors camping, lake, river... but never really got into going hiking like my sister, brother and sis-in-law! Be we did have a good time..and it was BEAUTIFUL! Enjoy the pictures!
Hollis and me getting into the car for the drive to the mountains for our hike!

The family pic! WE made it to the top... Look how beautiful it is!Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Saturday, June 12, 2010

North Carolina thus far.....

We left Thursday morning right when I got off work. I slept most of the 15 hour drive. Except the last 4 hrs when I took over the driving while mom & Ash slept. It was dark and in the mountains so roads were very curvy. We got to Winston-Salem Thursday night around 11:30. Friday morning I woke up to the sweet nephew in bed between Ash and me. While his parents went to work he skipped daycare and hung out with Lolo (that is my mom) and his aunts. We had a pretty low key day and enjoyed our time. Saturday our cousin Sara came to spend the rest of the weekend with us. She lives in North Carolina too. Now that makes 5 of us girls with Jabeau (my brother). We went to a rib festival. For those of you that don't know.... I love RIBS!! (side note: one of my friend's Dads cooked ribs for us one night, I ate so many I earned the nickname "rib girl").

Not a good pic but funny. Ash and I shared an entire rack of ribs. Some thought we couldn't do it. But we for sure did. (I know I normally don't eat meat off a bone but for some reason ribs are different).
This is only the 2nd time Sara has ever had ribs. Poor girl is missing out on such great food.

Jabeau eating a chocolate covered jalapeƱo. Crazy! Had a little bite, it wasn't good at all

My FAV! Chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick. Yes I was nice and shared with Sara.

Guess I was being a hog. We ended up using forks. It was much easier. Yum so good.

Bath time with the sweet baby. This is my quality time with the little one. Bath. Bottle. Bed.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Many of us are very good with being involved with Race for the Cure. Either you know someone who has had breast cancer, or even a loved one who you lost to breast cancer. We all go out and donate our money and give the time we can to remember those who have suffered, dealing, and overcome the horrible illness. We know it is a real, but some think it couldn't never happen to me. You just never know...

My heart has been heavy for a lady that works in the Women's and Children's service line with me. We have actually never met. I have been hearing about her story and then noticed one day she was on the church prayer list. I realized my Aunt was the one that put her name down. I then made the connection. She is a good family friend / neighbor to my Aunt, uncle, and cousin.

Please remember anyone in their 20's should start SELF BREAST EXAMS. You just never know... Below will help you step by step on what to do.....
Using a mirror, inspect your breasts with your arms at your sides, with your hands on your hips, and with your arms raised while flexing your chest muscles.Look for any changes in contour, swelling, dimpling of skin, or appearance of the nipple. It is normal if your right and left breasts do not match exactly.
Using the pads of your fingers, press firmly on your breast, checking the entire breast and armpit area. Move around your breast in a circular, up-and-down, or wedge pattern. Remember to use the same method every month. Check both breasts.
There are three patterns you can use to examine your breast: the circular, the up-and-down, and the wedge patterns. Use the pattern that is easiest for you, and use the same pattern every month.
Gently squeeze the nipple of each breast and report any discharge to your doctor immediately.Examine both breasts lying down. To examine the right breast, place a pillow under your right shoulder and place your right hand behind your head. Using the pads of your fingers, press firmly, checking the entire breast and armpit area. Use the same pattern you used while standing. Repeat for your left breast.

All information was found on WebMD. Now Everyone go and start your self breast exam!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Sweetest Month....

Who knew that June is National Candy Month! I never knew there was such a thing. Well those that know me know i LOVE some candy. Most like chocolate...I can sure do chocolate but my love is the sweet gummy and chewy things. I tried to google and figure out what started this amazing holiday but couldn't find anything that was for sure just a bunch of topics about June being National Candy Month...
So to celebrate national candy month..I am going to have at least a piece of candy everyday. Life it so short to worry about the calorie intake.. Just eat right and exercise (I need to get better at this exercise part) and everything is ok in moderation! So thought i would share with you some of my favs! Also to make you want to go take care of that sweet tooth..... since it is National Candy Month!

This is my "traveling candy" Any time I go on a road trip this is my pick.. Giant Sweet Tarts. I have no idea why. I think it started back when i was little. My dad would always let us get the best stuff when we were with him. Mom would not let us get as fun of stuff for some reason. So this has always been my pick for a care ride. It is funny even when i was in college my friends would surprise me with this. (I LOVE SURPRISES!!!...that will be another post)

This is my FAV chocolate! Who doesn't like a good Reese's. It makes me think of one of my besties!! It was her favorite too!
For some reason my favorite Reese's are during Christmas time... with the Reese's trees!

This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE Easter Candy. I know you are thinking they are just Reese's pieces..but no.. If you haven't tried these you HAVE GOT TO GET THEM NEXT YEAR. They are like giant Reese's pieces eggs! LOVE THEM. I seriously stock up on them. I probably still have some bags left in my secret candy stash...
This is one of my new favorites. I have always loved nerds but they are just kind of small but these are huge! LOVE THEM..

This picture made my mouth water... YUM!

One of my favorite parts of my wedding planning was doing the candy table. Searching for all different kinds of pink wedding candy. It was soo fun. And i think such a great favor! I have been real bad and haven't picked the pictures I want from my wedding yet so i don't have a good picture of the table but will hopefully get that done soon. A good friend posted this pictures on facebook so i took it so you could see one of my favorite dishes with candy in it. The pink old fashion gum.. And you get a view of one of my bridal pictures. Taken by One Creation Studio. Love HER!

Happy National Candy Month!!!!!

North we come

I am so excited to get to see my most favorite nephew. Ok so I only have one, but still so excited. My brother and his family live like 16 hrs away so we don't ever get enough time with them and of the sweet nephew. We are taking a girl trip, just mom, ash, me and Ruby (Ash's lab). Leaving Dad and The Sweet Man at home. What is my brother going to do with all 4 of us girls, including my sis-in-law. He will be fine, he is used to it And knows he loves every bit of it. Can't wait to see this sweet boy. No recent pics on my i-phone but I'm sure I will have new ones as soon as I see that sweet boy.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunny days are here

So excited the pool is open and summer is here. My favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Start with church then a good lunch and then off to the pool. Today I got to be with some of my favorite people..Ash, Rach and this little man. Love this sweet boy.

He is putting his hand in my drink and taking my ice out and eating it... too funny!
He is loving the water slide that all the big kids are playing on. He had soo much fun!

Pretending like he is a big boy!!!

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jason and Mary Kate!!!!!

In one of my posts you saw that one of my very best friends got married. It is about time that i post about her wedding since they have now been married a month. It was such an honor to be her MOH. We had such a wonderful wedding weekend. It was such a beautiful wedding and of course Mary Kate was sooo beautiful.... as always. I am so thankful to have another friend join the married life with me!!!

Her wedding party in Nashville for the Bachelorette party. Scarlet somehow got cut out of the picture on the left. This is the only pictures i have with most of us in it.

A pictures of most of the girls at the rehearsal dinner. This is the only picture I took of the day before the wedding. Mary Kate had such a great day planned for us. It started with Brunch at Bordinos. Then off to pink papaya for all of us to get a mani and pedi. A little free time then off to the church for rehearsal and then to dinner.
The Sweet Man and Me at the rehearsal dinner. I can't believe I have a smile on my face. I have never been so nervous about speaking infront of people for the toast. I can talk most peoples ear off but something about standing in a room with everyone looking and listening to me made me sooo nervous. Not sure even what I said but I know that Mary Kate knows what i think of her and our friendship!

The Bride getting her hair done. The wedding day morning we all got together to get our hair done at Studio 8. Those girls did a wonderful job on everyones hair. Then we had a little lunch and off to the church to finish getting ready.

The beautiful bride and Me!

I just love this picture out by the picket fence. Although we are missing a few, And we don't all have our eyes open and i don't have my shoes on so i look a litte short! I STILL LOVE IT!

This picture is not the best with the back of the mans head but i just want ya'll to see the beautiful decorations. No pictures do it justice. Mary Kate and her mother did such an amazing job on the decorations for the reception. Also notice how nice Jason is feeding her the piece of cake. I was a little worried he was going to do something crazy!

They both are making funny faces but it is a picture with the toast and the cookie cake. Yes Jason wanted a cookie cake, so if you look close the cake is made of big cookies with icing in between each layer or should i say between each cookie. WONDERFUL...

Forever BESTIES!!!

The Sweet Newlyweds taking a break from the dance floor.

And then they were off to a wonderful Honeymoon in Hawaii! If i say so myself, Jason is one lucky guy to have such a wonderful, kind hearted, most generous wife. What a great best friend. I look forward for the years to come and wish nothing but love and happiness to the wonderful couple. MUCH LOVE!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An Entire DECADE......

The sweet hubbie and I have been together a entire decade today. Crazy to think, huh? No. Not married but started dating. It was 10 years ago today. I had just finished my freshman year of high school and he finished his junior year. We had gone to the same school and hung out a couples of times. Our baseball team went to playoffs or something out of town. He asked me if i wanted to go with him & some of his friends. I of course said yes. Now that i look back on it...I can't believe my parents let me go out of town with a boy they didn't even really know. I remember the Shumakes did drive us so maybe that is why they let me go. I was 14 and he was 18. (The sweet hubs hates when i say our age difference b/c he says it sounds so bad. Really I was 14 but turned 15 the next month.) We were in the car on the way back from the game, can't remember if we won or lost, but he asked if i would be his girlfriend. :) How sweet!

We have each grown as people and as a couple together. Crazy to think i have almost been with him half of my life. I know a little more since I am 24. But so crazy. I can't imagine my life without him. He is for sure my other half, my best friend, my sweet hubbie. He has taught me so much and takes such good care of me. Cooks me dinner every night. We still go on our weekly Sunday night dates to the movies. Man I just love that SWEET MAN! I don't have pictures of us when we started dating but here are a few from the last 10 years.