Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We are still living with my inlaws! Taylor said the house should be ready in about 7 weeks. I am very excited, don't get me wrong, but I am really enjoying living where we are. I guess I can always still come visit.

I feel like we have a lot going on in our lives right now. Would get a lot of people stressed out major but we are still hanging in there. Again don't get me wrong I get overwhelmed and upset a lot but then I look at this house we are building and the fact that we have each other and are families and realize how blessed we truly are.

Last week, Along with fighting off the stomach virus....after feeling better, I also got to spend the weekend with my very best friends. We had such a good relaxing weekend celebrating our bachelorette.

And on my days off.... This is what I do....

Hang out with these 3 love muffins. My dogs LOVE it here. They hang out at the pond most of the time.
Hope all is well with you friends!

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Big move....

I had a few posts on fb and pics on instagram, but yet to blog about our big summer change. We had our house on the market but really not in a hurry to sell. We found land that we liked but hatesd to buy it before we had our house sold. With the house on the market for only 2 months. Someone made an offer....1,000 less than we were asking. Cash and needed to move in in 2 weeks...SOLD!!! But 2 WEEKS.... What were we thinking. We got it done but man that was one busy couple of weeks!

I actually found this house before we got married. Taylor lived in it a year before we got married then we lived there together for 2.5 years. So many memories. Kind of bitter sweet!

But as soon as we sold our house we bought the land we were looking at. Put all of our things in storage and...Taylor, Miller, Lottie and I moved in with my in-laws. We will probably be here for at least six months.

But we are excited to say we were quickly starting on the house.

I feel like it is going up so quick. We really have only been on this for a little over a month.

Thankfully had this finished before we got the hurricane weather....which really didn't hit us too bad.

We have also spent all of our labor day weekend at the house. Cleaning up and taking loads to the dumpster..... and well Taylor spent majority of his time on this thing. I think he was just being a boy and playing with his toy:)

We are thinking we will be in the house in December or January... So excited! I will keep y'all updated on the progress!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Trip to the cabin

Actually we went to the cabin before Eureka but it's fine. I'm just a couple of weeks off!

My favorite time to go to the cabin is during the summer. Every season is fun but summer time you can sit in the river or go for a 4-wheeler ride, everyone can do different things and just enjoy the outside. Last winter we took a group of our friends after it snowed. It was still on the ground and soo beautiful. But in the winter we have to bundle up and sit by the fire. Which means you have the camp fire smell hair for about a week...I hate that.

This cabin trip we had both cabins full. I think it was our biggest group ever, made it interesting to have to cook for all of us. But it was soo much fun.

Heading to the cabin with our dog children.

Sweet pups! Always entertaining.

Girl pic....

Sweet boy. After awhile his paws hurt from the rocks so he hangs out on the porch. While Lottie stays fishing in the river.

But he still wants you to play fetch. I warn everyone "do not throw the stick" he will not quit!

Always sad to leave but look foward to our next trip!
I will leave you with these crazy pics! They thought it was hilarious...about 4 of the guys were dressed like this. Not sure why I didn't get a picture of all of them. Please notice the mustache.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Eureka trip

Gosh I feel like I have really been missing out on the blog world lately. I have big life changes, along with a lot of weekend trips, happen that I need to update yall on. First trip I think I did since the last I posted was to Eureka.

Taylor's best friend, since as long as I can remember, asked us to be apart of his engagement weekend with his girlfriend, now fiancé.

We couldn't have been more thrilled. We were trying to throw her off. Wanting her to think why would he bring me here (where they first met) on our anniversary and Taylor and Jenni come too. Not very romantic. She said she tried not to think about it bc she didn't want to be upset if it wasn't "the" time.

Taylor and I drove to Fayetteville on Friday night. Saturday morning the 4 of us headed to Eureka. We stayed in the crescent hotel. We couldn't check in until 3:00, So we went downtown to all the fun shops. The 4 of us always have such a good time when we are together.

While we were shopping in Eureka we ran into a friend from ttown. So exciting to be out of town and run into someone you know. After shopping we went to the hotel to check in. The weather was awful we thankfully made it inside before it got really bad outside. We checking into our room and was just going to hang out at the hotel for a bit. Taylor and I got into our Room on the 2nd floor and we were unpacking our stuff when all of a sudden I heard something leaking. And then the ceiling started falling, it turned out pretty bad leak real quick.

We called about it and was trying to move furniture and do everything we could to not have a disaster of a mess and ruin things. Taylor joking said we are so upset I hope we are getting an upgrade! The guy laughed with us and we helped get the leak under control. He then left and came back and gave us the key to our new room.

The penthouse. Are you kidding me. They didn't have the air on so we had to hangout outside of our new room for a bit. If you haven't visited this hotel. It's nice but old. So the room was extra nice a lomg time ago. Has an old like feel. But the bar at this hotel is one of the most popular points bc it looks over all of eureka. And you see the Christ statue perfect. Well our room was higher than the bar. The view was beautiful.

We felt bad not to switch rooms with rhys and jessica, but then we knew she would know something was up! Although as nice as the room was the air really didn't ever cool the room down much.

Back to the engagement....we had dinner plans at 7:00. We were suppose to met them downstairs to go to dinner. I was acting like I was running late. But Taylor and I were already posted outside on the back porch to take pictures of the entire thing. It quit raining so he was able to go into the gardens. Taylor and I snuck to the 2nd floor balcony. We hid behind huge columns until he got down on one knee then i was able to capture the whole thing, taking pictures like crazy! But of course i didnt take one with my phone.( And then I lost my camera cord so I still haven't gotten the pictures to them an feel so bad.) But it was prefect.

Rhys is someone very important to me and ofcouse Taylor. I couldnt have wished for anyone more perfect for Rhys than Jessica. And perfect for me! I know this will be a friend I will have forever. Our kids will play, our grandkids will play. We get each other and don't care to put up with Rhys and Taylors craziness all of the time. We are always on the same page.

After the beautiful Engagement we had dinner at this wonderful Italian restaurant. Which while waiting for our table we played some fun games.

The Hedrick's might have dominated on game time. Of course still no picture of the engaged couple ( they are on my real camera) That will happen soon. I promise.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weekend trip to Fayetteville

Everytime I get on 71 heading north to Fayetteville I think of my first trip going for college orientation. How different my life is. In 2003 I had no worries, no stress, was just living everyday to the fullest. I arrived in Fayetteville on Friday in time to head to the pool with the girls. Then had a wonderful night with this cutie.

Sweet halle is my best friends baby! It was just me and little miss Halle while her mom and dad were out for the evening. She was a perfect little angel!

Sleepy time! Ohh i love her! On sat i had wonderful company at the pool and then that night one of my very dear friends got married. What a beautiful bride she was.

I am sad to say Monday morning I was rather sore from dancing and doing the wobble numerous times.

I was very excited to kill two birds with one stone while in fayetteville. On Sunday was Halles's dedication. She looked so pretty In her long ( heavy) white dress.

She was a little fussy but she really did just fine. A little temper tantrum later she was resting quietly during the rest of the service. I ate lunch after the service with Mary Kate and all her family, all 18 of them. They are the sweetest, they have always made me feel so welcome and like I am part of their big family. Love them.

Halle was changed and then sleeping so didn't get a pic with her at lunch but did get one with her mother.

I had such a good weekend and a fun visit with good friends. Can't wait to go back for our pi phi reunion. Getting excited. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Friday, June 15, 2012

My little sweet heart

Last weekend my parents went to visit my brother and sister in law and brought back my sweet little nephew with them. My brother came a day later for work he had to do in shreveport. The timing was perfect.

I was thankfully I was only scheduled to work one day while they were here. and I got called off that day, so we had a fun time. They got intown just intime for the ground breaking for our church. Which the night ended with fireworks.

We had a lot of fun lunch dates

He is such a good eater and loved Bryce's.

We played a lot!!!!

And had so much fun at the pool.

I'm not going to lie the morning they left I had to work. I got a little teary eyed bc they don't live in the same town as the rest of our family. But at least they are closer. They used to be 18 hrs away. Now just 6. I can't wait until we get to see them again! Hopefully Hollis can come spend a week with us before the summer is over.

And now this weekend I get to spend time with this sweet girl again!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New reads!

I have been very open about my issues I have gone through the past year. This is my way of dealing with it. Putting it all out there for everyone to know. I have gotten a lot of comments from people expressing their feelings of sadness or the fact that it's not the end of the world. God does have a plan ( you don't always want to hear that).

It did hit me that a lot of people seem like they have it all. Good marriage, successful business, life is just easy for them but then you realize they are also struggling with things, weather it's financial, emotional, health we all have struggles.

I want to think no one else is dealing with what I am. Then I realize a lot of people are. I don't wish it on anyone but then it's nice to know I am not the only one in the boat.

Then I think of others and how easy there life seems. But that is just the outsider looking in. Bc I know there are people that probably think my life is easy. I met my husband at a very young age, didn't HAVE to work during high school and college (although I did babysit...and made good $$$), didn't have to buy my car, didn't have to pay for college. So I don't have debt to pay off. At the time I didn't realize how much my parents did for me to not have debt.

I made it through nursing school my dream of being a labor and delivery nurse just seemed right there. Then I had a few complications with finger prints and nursing License. I thought I was the end of the world. Things normally just work out for me. This is #1 life lesson.

Move back to t-town, after few months get engaged marry the man I had waited soo long to marry. Have a good job but not DREAM job and not dream hours. Prayed. Prayed. PRAYED for 3.5 long years to be on day shift and L&D. #2 life lesson.

I am Now working day shift and at my dream job but going through #3 life lesson. But I have given it to God like I said in my past posts. But I'm writing this to say now I realize, more than ever, that we each have our own ideas of how our life is going to play out. And a lot of the times it doesn't always go down the perfect little path. But how we deal with it really speaks a lot of who we are. (man I went off on a really long story just to share my new reads). 3 amazing women I know, all just started their own blog about their own life. I know each of them personally, one being one of my best friends. I keep updating each of their blogs just waiting on another post.

They really hit home and make you realize life it not always just a piece of cake. But God is amazing and he has his own plan for each of us. He touches people in all sorts of ways.


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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another month behind us!!!

Today is again one of those days. Same day that I have had for 10 months now. I have it together for some reason today. Unlike some in the past I would just sit on my couch and cry. Not want to answer my phone or shower and get out of the house. Not sure why I feel the need to share this lately, but if anyone is in my shoes it helps to know there are others out there. In real life I am very open about every detail of my life. So might as well be open on my blog.

I do feel that everything happens for a reason and I know that one day I will be a mom to something other than animals :). although the love I have for my sweet Lottie And miller I can't imagine a child.

A friend of mine (hey Kimbo) has been taking about a blog she reads a lot. (this is where it is weird how everything happens for a reason) I have also read that blog for many years now. Although one I have not read In a while. I decided one day that i was off work, while staying with my parents, I will get caught up on my blog reading. When I got to this blog posted, she posted about a month ago, showing her life and infertility issues. She had everyone that was having infertility problems to link their blog. I was too late and so thankful I was bc I started reading the other blogs and oh man. I have it good. Looking on the bright side:
---it has not been a full yr of trying yet.
--- I do not have any kind of disorder or disease like pcos.
---I have regular cycles and I ovulate
--- so basically waiting on the right time

My story Made me realize it is all about timing and no, I am not taking About ovulation timing, but GOD's timing. Which brings me to another thing I noticed. All the blogs that were having infertility problems all mentioned God and were believers. Not sure where I am going with this thought but was just a weird observation! Stupid devil. Although most of them were not loosing faith and trusting God.

Most of my readers know I am a L&D nurse. I love my job more than anything. While helping all different kinds of people (trying to use nice words) bring their baby into the world I always get asked how many children I have. I always then explain I don have children yet but plan to. Most "normal people" stop there. Some rather touched go on. This is a Convo I will never forget:
Me: no children yet
Touched lady (patients front teeth) : you don't want a baby
Me: no I do, just still trying
Touched lady: trying for what
Me: tryin to have a baby. It doesn't just happen right away for some.
Touched lady: what I have never heard that. If you want to have a baby then just have one.
Me: it not that easy for some. I could feel my face getting red.
Touched lady: well it was like that with me. I just had to look at my husband. And it was like that with my two daughters.

Bless her. I am not sure If this family believed in God or not but this was the point I was getting at earlier some people don't even know about infertility issues. Which I don't even consider myself having infertility issues. I consider myself lucky to have what I have just pray to have another family member involved.

But while patiently waiting I get to watch these sweet babies grow

My nephew Hollis. Which is headed my way as we speak. Can't wait. He is getting so big. Like a little adult.

My best little friend. Us at lunch yesterday. Is mom gets worried I will still want kids after hanging out with her kids all day. I love these kids so much she is crazy. Just don't let Taylor hang out with them.

And my god son Zane. He is the most chill kid I know. Love him to death! I do have two sweet little girls in my life. Oh duh 3 now. Just no new pics With them. Well one I haven't gotten to meet yet. But I'm counting down the days.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hacked email

I feel like there is always an excuse for not posting and makes me feel so I'm a student and don't have my project in on time. Do y'all feel like this too?

Well the reason for being Mia (beside working, being out of town, and sleep overs at my parents) someone hacked my email account. I had to switch passwords and such but then it caused my blog app not to work. I kept trying to change the log on but it still wouldn't work. I then finally just had to just delete the app and start over. I feel like this took forever to get figured out.

Almost every weekend since the last post I have had to work or had a shower for Ashley. Which has been lots of fun. I Will post about each one soon. But I will share a fun picture from Ashley's girls weekend getaway to Austin this past weekend.

We had such a wonderful time with wonderful Friends. Less than a month we will be in Florida for the wedding. Soo exciting.

I promise I will try to be better about posting.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Random Post...

Thank you for all the emails, texts messages, FB messages and comments regarding my last post. Most of your comments were positive and made me feel better. I just had to get it off my chest how i was feeling. Since then I am in a much better state. No tears. Although every time I think of a title for my post i am worried people will see the title and look too much into what i am about to say... as in like "surprise"... And people will think i am pregnant... Thinking too much into this... yes i know.

But back to the surprise. Sunday was Taylor's 30th Birthday. I had an entire weekend planned just for him. Including a SURPRISE bday party on Sat. I love surprise parties. We did Mom's surprise 50th bday, My sister's 30th bday and now Taylor's 30th B-day... I really CAN NOT believe I pulled this one off. It was soo hard.. I will post more about this soon when I upload all the pictures. I got these koozies made for his favors... he loves koozies and wanted them so bad for wedding favors but i shot them down b/c too many people i knew did them as favors!

When walking down the Easter isle (yes.. valentines day candy is 50% off and Easter candy is already coming out) I was sooo excited they alreayd had my favorite candy out on the shelf. They are giant Reese's pieces Eggs, they only have them at Easter..Oh.My.Gosh. So when I got home from the store and put them in my secret candy area i still have 2 bags from stocking up last year. Don't judge, they are not old... If you haven't tried them please do. They aren't sold everywhere... but aparently walmart has them this year.

So many good movies coming out.. I really want to see The Vow, WanderLust, This means War... I am not sure that Taylor will be too excited about any of these but I am.

Also BRAVO is still my favorite. Very sad The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is finished..although one last show tonight with lost footage. During the finale why was everyone so mean to Brandi Glanville. I really do like her..i heard she will not be back on next season though.. Very sad. Kyle is still my favorite but i really do love Lisa, Camile and Taylor. Excited about Real Housewives of Orange county!

So ready for Bethenny ever after to start back too. I just love it.
Non-Bravo... REVENGE is great, I won't give last nights episode away for those of you who haven't watched it yet. But very surprising.. I was wondering how it was going to end when we saw the first episode. Very excited about Greys and Private practice joining tonight.

So basically i have such a boring life full of TV..haha. But really i have learned on my days off if i get ready and get out of the house i will just spend $100-$200 on noting..I always end up at Targer and TJ Maxx and well Im trying to cut back... Lately at work by the time 7pm comes i am drained. Tuesday I ate breakfast at 6:30 and didn't eat again until 8 pm, well i had a few crackers around 4pm, So i wouldn't eat the table on my Valentines date! I kept saying i feel as if i am a 60 year old nurse that needs to retire. Not sure if it is going from night shift to day shift but gosh it has been crazy. I just sit in my PJ's and watch TV on my days off! It great!

Alright... hope you all have a good day.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Royal spoil....

My father really is a wonderful gift giver. Last valentines day he spoiled Mom, Ash and me with a gift certificate at the Sanctuary medical spa, for the royal spoil. And like mother and daughters, we all put it off until this week, but I couldn't think of a better week to be pampered (having a slight pity party...more on this later). They have so much going on in this royal spoil that I had to split it up between two days. Yesterday evening I did the hour facial. It was my first time to have a facial and it was amazing. Then I put on my robe and went to the room next door for my 90 min massage. It was very hard to get up and walk out, i just wanted to lay there forever. Today I go back for manicure and makeup. Tonight we are celebrating Taylors 30th birthday with friends. I'm going to feel extra pampered and pretty with someone else doing my makeup. I could get used to this. Ready to see what we get this valentines day. Hope he doesn't forget.... Hey dad!

Now this is where it gets a little pit party

But back to this week being the perfect week.....I have been extra emotional! I know what you are thinking maybe your pregnant....but nope....that is kind of the reason for my emotions. It seems like everywhere I go so many people ask me "so when are you and Taylor going to have children". I think I always take a deep breath, that lasts at least 10 sec, then respond with either.... Mind your own business "Well it is in Gods hands now"....always makes the convo end, or "we have been trying since May".....which then everyone responds with "well it will happen when you least expect it", "You are so young, just have fun" or "just remember God has a plan". I know this, I really have been in good spirits and very positive knowing God does have a plan. I want to let go and have him in control but it's hard when you are reminded everyday. Also when everyone around you is pregnant...seriously... Taylor and I have so many friends with young children or expecting...which I love, more kids for my kid to play day. I'm very happy for each of them (please no one take that the wrong way) each of them have been in my shoes and are the most deserving people and are great parents or going to be great parents. Everyone knows I love baby talk and everything about it, I mean it's what I do for a living.....that is what is getting to me the most. I am very happy for each pt that I take care of and help make there labor and delivery experience everything they thought it would be. It bother sme when there are people that can't stop doing drugs long enough to carry a child to term or can't stop taking pain killers. It just gets annoying. This is what make me question things...Like why me... why them, but I know there is a plan for me.

But this month I just knew we were pregnant. Every "early pregnant sign" I had. (this is where being a L&D nurse can be too much for me). I had fun ways of telling Taylor for his bday. Plans to tell our family and close friends on valentines day...too much planning? I know I can't help it. So I was getting impatient just waiting, so I got my blood taken as an outpatient at work.....negative! Now I'm going to have a bill to pay for a big NEGATIVE. If I would have just been patient. But I just knew it would be positive. I'm tired of my every thought being about a baby. When friends ask us about a summer trip, my first thought is ok it's feb, if I were to get pregnant this month,I would be due in nov, yeah we can do a beach trip. Or even how I would have to rearrange my house or if we buy a new house my first thought is what room will be the nursery. When in buy an article of clothing i would if i could wear it if i was pregnancy or next season if i haven't lost the baby weight. Ahhh....this is what I was afraid of, I didn't want this to take over my life....and I'm thinking it has. I wanted it just to happen, we wouldn't be trying but not preventing. Now my thoughts are if something if wrong with me or Taylor! Gosh I know God is getting tired of hearing from me.

Ok so i know I'm normally the happy girl with a smile on my face but not this week. I will say, I have such a sweet friend and sister that are not sure what to do with me in this stage of emotions. I just told them I'm very emotional and don't be worried if I start crying over nothing. My sweet friend Kelsi, laughed and said I'm just glad your normal and get sad every now and then, you always seem like everything is going just fine and always happy. This did make me laugh, little does she know. So then we went shopping. Retail therapy is great. I have now bought all my outfits for every one of my sister's wedding showers, bachelorette weekend, rehearsal dinner, wedding, ....done.

Ok sorry to be so personal but sometimes you have to get it all out. But I do have a very fun weekend to enjoy so I'm just going to have fun. Also the next couple of months will be celebrating my sister and Michael getting marriend and then florida trip for the wedding just 2 months away. So many fun things to look forward to. I hope to tell ya'll this is the last pity party post.... but we will see! I have held this in for 10 months now... well 10 months ago I wasn't as annoyed with it as I am now... But now off to plan a fun weekend for the birthday boy! Life must go on!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend at the races

Every year,the same weekend, we go to the races to celebrate one of our friends, Collins', birthday. It is always such a good time. I think this is like our 4th or 5th year to do this. It's is so fun to see how much things have changed. Some of us married, some have children, some are STILL dating :). , some have started new relationships. But it is always such a fun weekend with such good friends. I look forward to it every year. Although I cant believe I didn't place one bet. Taylor bet enough for the both of us. But he did come out he tells me!

They have this new app at Oaklawn that you do all your bets and everything on your phone. You have an account with your money in it! Crazy...huh! I think it made Taylor put in many more bets!

I'm already looking forward to next year!

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Happy New Year friends. I'm very excited to see what 2012 has in store for us. 2011 had a lot of change for my family, but all in all was a great year. January 2011: Took our first trip of the year to New Orleans with many of our friends, to watch the hogs play in the sugar bowl.

February 2011: Celebrated Taylor's birthday at the cabin with good friends.

March 2011: Taylor's cousin Madison had a sweet baby girl, Ainsley, who I'm slightly obsessed with. So fun, our family is growing.

April 2011:My most memorable moment in 2011 was the last week or so my family spent with my sweet grandfather before he went to be with my Grandmother in heaven. I still just sit and think about him and tears come to my eyes. What a wonderful person he was inside and out.
-Also our God son, Zane, turned ONE!

May 2011: Taylor and I decided we were ready to grow our family.
June 2011: Started DAY SHIFT and transferred to L&D, best change ever!
July 2011: Family trip to Hilton Head....where Michael asked Ashley to marry him. Taylor and I on pause for growing our family. I would be so upset if I wasn't able to go to their destination wedding bc I was 8-9 months pregnant.

-My Best friend, Mary Kate, called me to tell me she was Pregnant!
-Taylor's cousins, Haley & Mark had sweet Cannon. I was there for the entire thing. Me and sweet Cannon will always have a special connection!

- One of my best friends, Rachel, had another baby, Wren. Love this family.

-Also, My birthday trip to the cabin with good friends.

August 2011: well can't think of too much that happened in August. I'm sure I just sat inside bc it was a record high most of aug.

September 2011: Taylor and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary.

-Our softball games started. Always enjoy making new friends that I know will last a lifetime.
October 2011: Trip to Florida to plan the wedding.

-Fun times in Fayetteville for football games.
November 2011: more fun football games
-holidays begin

December 2011: trip to New York
- Merry Christmas to me with my new car.

I couldn't have asked for a better group of friends to ring in the new year with. God sure has blessed us this year with many new friendships and growing relationships with old friends.
I had to post this picture so you can see how intense their card game was...couldn't even look up for a picture... haha yeah right!
Pretty excited about 2012.....My brother and his family are moving back to New Orleans... Much closer to us. Ashley and Michael, and many of our close friends, are getting married. Im sure our family will keep growing which is very exciting to think about. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad