Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Family feud

Finally after 3 years I got my plug outside. I thought it would take 3 days since I have family that owns an electric company. Haha. But finally the Man wired it for me. Anyway. I. AM. SO. EXCITED! it is in the perfect place!

I know it's hard to tell but this is the corner of the house. Well kind of. To the right of the carport. Basically On the back patio. So perfect place to start my Christmas lights! Wohoo!

This is where the heated conversation comes ups. Those that have not been to our house. It's old. Not the best curb appeal. Don't get me wrong. I love our first home and love what we have done to the inside. But the outside....there is not much you can do. It has these little windows that I guess was the "in thing" in 1960. :) When it comes to Christmas lights on the house I want white. LED of course but then it makes them look a little blue (which i don't like). The Man wants colored. I think white looks better and well we don't have children. Most people that have colored it's bc the kids want it. So I'm just worried that my house, which is on a dead end road so no one will really see it, will have an even worse curb appeal with colored lights.

What do you think... White or colored?

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