Friday, July 20, 2012

Trip to the cabin

Actually we went to the cabin before Eureka but it's fine. I'm just a couple of weeks off!

My favorite time to go to the cabin is during the summer. Every season is fun but summer time you can sit in the river or go for a 4-wheeler ride, everyone can do different things and just enjoy the outside. Last winter we took a group of our friends after it snowed. It was still on the ground and soo beautiful. But in the winter we have to bundle up and sit by the fire. Which means you have the camp fire smell hair for about a week...I hate that.

This cabin trip we had both cabins full. I think it was our biggest group ever, made it interesting to have to cook for all of us. But it was soo much fun.

Heading to the cabin with our dog children.

Sweet pups! Always entertaining.

Girl pic....

Sweet boy. After awhile his paws hurt from the rocks so he hangs out on the porch. While Lottie stays fishing in the river.

But he still wants you to play fetch. I warn everyone "do not throw the stick" he will not quit!

Always sad to leave but look foward to our next trip!
I will leave you with these crazy pics! They thought it was hilarious...about 4 of the guys were dressed like this. Not sure why I didn't get a picture of all of them. Please notice the mustache.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Eureka trip

Gosh I feel like I have really been missing out on the blog world lately. I have big life changes, along with a lot of weekend trips, happen that I need to update yall on. First trip I think I did since the last I posted was to Eureka.

Taylor's best friend, since as long as I can remember, asked us to be apart of his engagement weekend with his girlfriend, now fiancé.

We couldn't have been more thrilled. We were trying to throw her off. Wanting her to think why would he bring me here (where they first met) on our anniversary and Taylor and Jenni come too. Not very romantic. She said she tried not to think about it bc she didn't want to be upset if it wasn't "the" time.

Taylor and I drove to Fayetteville on Friday night. Saturday morning the 4 of us headed to Eureka. We stayed in the crescent hotel. We couldn't check in until 3:00, So we went downtown to all the fun shops. The 4 of us always have such a good time when we are together.

While we were shopping in Eureka we ran into a friend from ttown. So exciting to be out of town and run into someone you know. After shopping we went to the hotel to check in. The weather was awful we thankfully made it inside before it got really bad outside. We checking into our room and was just going to hang out at the hotel for a bit. Taylor and I got into our Room on the 2nd floor and we were unpacking our stuff when all of a sudden I heard something leaking. And then the ceiling started falling, it turned out pretty bad leak real quick.

We called about it and was trying to move furniture and do everything we could to not have a disaster of a mess and ruin things. Taylor joking said we are so upset I hope we are getting an upgrade! The guy laughed with us and we helped get the leak under control. He then left and came back and gave us the key to our new room.

The penthouse. Are you kidding me. They didn't have the air on so we had to hangout outside of our new room for a bit. If you haven't visited this hotel. It's nice but old. So the room was extra nice a lomg time ago. Has an old like feel. But the bar at this hotel is one of the most popular points bc it looks over all of eureka. And you see the Christ statue perfect. Well our room was higher than the bar. The view was beautiful.

We felt bad not to switch rooms with rhys and jessica, but then we knew she would know something was up! Although as nice as the room was the air really didn't ever cool the room down much.

Back to the engagement....we had dinner plans at 7:00. We were suppose to met them downstairs to go to dinner. I was acting like I was running late. But Taylor and I were already posted outside on the back porch to take pictures of the entire thing. It quit raining so he was able to go into the gardens. Taylor and I snuck to the 2nd floor balcony. We hid behind huge columns until he got down on one knee then i was able to capture the whole thing, taking pictures like crazy! But of course i didnt take one with my phone.( And then I lost my camera cord so I still haven't gotten the pictures to them an feel so bad.) But it was prefect.

Rhys is someone very important to me and ofcouse Taylor. I couldnt have wished for anyone more perfect for Rhys than Jessica. And perfect for me! I know this will be a friend I will have forever. Our kids will play, our grandkids will play. We get each other and don't care to put up with Rhys and Taylors craziness all of the time. We are always on the same page.

After the beautiful Engagement we had dinner at this wonderful Italian restaurant. Which while waiting for our table we played some fun games.

The Hedrick's might have dominated on game time. Of course still no picture of the engaged couple ( they are on my real camera) That will happen soon. I promise.

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