Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weekend trip to Fayetteville

Everytime I get on 71 heading north to Fayetteville I think of my first trip going for college orientation. How different my life is. In 2003 I had no worries, no stress, was just living everyday to the fullest. I arrived in Fayetteville on Friday in time to head to the pool with the girls. Then had a wonderful night with this cutie.

Sweet halle is my best friends baby! It was just me and little miss Halle while her mom and dad were out for the evening. She was a perfect little angel!

Sleepy time! Ohh i love her! On sat i had wonderful company at the pool and then that night one of my very dear friends got married. What a beautiful bride she was.

I am sad to say Monday morning I was rather sore from dancing and doing the wobble numerous times.

I was very excited to kill two birds with one stone while in fayetteville. On Sunday was Halles's dedication. She looked so pretty In her long ( heavy) white dress.

She was a little fussy but she really did just fine. A little temper tantrum later she was resting quietly during the rest of the service. I ate lunch after the service with Mary Kate and all her family, all 18 of them. They are the sweetest, they have always made me feel so welcome and like I am part of their big family. Love them.

Halle was changed and then sleeping so didn't get a pic with her at lunch but did get one with her mother.

I had such a good weekend and a fun visit with good friends. Can't wait to go back for our pi phi reunion. Getting excited. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Friday, June 15, 2012

My little sweet heart

Last weekend my parents went to visit my brother and sister in law and brought back my sweet little nephew with them. My brother came a day later for work he had to do in shreveport. The timing was perfect.

I was thankfully I was only scheduled to work one day while they were here. and I got called off that day, so we had a fun time. They got intown just intime for the ground breaking for our church. Which the night ended with fireworks.

We had a lot of fun lunch dates

He is such a good eater and loved Bryce's.

We played a lot!!!!

And had so much fun at the pool.

I'm not going to lie the morning they left I had to work. I got a little teary eyed bc they don't live in the same town as the rest of our family. But at least they are closer. They used to be 18 hrs away. Now just 6. I can't wait until we get to see them again! Hopefully Hollis can come spend a week with us before the summer is over.

And now this weekend I get to spend time with this sweet girl again!

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