Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sorry friends...

Many people this week have told me "you really need to update your blog." So sorry for being MIA. This month has been extra busy. A lot of my blog followers have also asked what lights did you decide to put on the house. Well let me just say. We came home with colored lights, when we plugged them in to test them before putting them on the house only half worked. Are you kidding, how does that happen. Maybe they were from last year. So then we took them back to Walmart and decided to we would head to lowes, maybe there lights would be better. I helped put them on the house, i was so excited about our lights. Then we walked to the street to look at our house with the lights and realized our house really doesn't look good with lights. Makes it look older than before. Our house is very flat, even if we put them on the peak of our roof you wouldnt be able to see it. And we got the LED cool white lights so they had a blue look. Just didn't love it. The next evening when they came on there were like 10 out at the end of the house. Oh well. Then we go out of town for a little less than a week, we get back and only 8 lights are on.... ARE YOU SERIOUS. We don't have the receipt anymore so guess we are just out that money. We will not put lights on our house again... well maybe when we decide to move. And really only my 4 neighbors on our dead in street saw them. On to our trip we took was to New York. Taylor (yes i said his name) and I went to New York for our first anniversary last summer. It was hot but still so much fun. I couldn't wait to go back but really wanted to go during Christmas time. So that is what our gift was to each other, a trip to New York during Christmas time. It was a lot of fun. We had already done all the tourist things so this time was more about whatever we wanted to do. My brother in law lives there, so did more of the things the locals do. But of course we had to go do the touristy Christmas things. It was beautiful. Weather was perfect 42-46 during the day. Except THe last day was VERY cold but no snow. Taylor was pretty sad, he wanted it to snow so bad but i was ok with no snow.

Taylor and I at Rockefeller Center. I have always seen this tree on TV and in Movies but never realized it is a REAL TREE. Beautiful. This was going to be a Christmas card pic but didn't get around to it... Sorry i didn't send out pic this year. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Our favorite thing we did get to do while NYC was the 9-11 memorial. It was so weird how loud New York is, but standing at the memorial was so quiet. It was very emotional. We got back from New York at 8pm, Taylor and i went straight to bed and then off to work at 6 am then next morning. I didn't plan that very well. Speaking of work. I love my job as a L&D nurse. As of Yesterday i am now off orientation. I also got to learn to srub. Which means to assist the Dr in the OR for c/sections. It is probably one of my favorite things. Yesterday we did 3 before noon. Then another that afternoon. I know that doesn't seem like a lot but it makes your legs hurt standing all day. But so fun. Needless to say today i am off and just sitting on the couch.

Here are a few family pics of us kids at Christmas. Funny that i still say kids, guess i should say siblings and our significant others. My borther, sister-in-law and nephew spent their last Christmas in North Carolina at their house this year. So it was a very different Christmas not being with them. Hopefully next year will be different.
At my family Christmas. Taylor, Me, Ashley and Michael... only 4 more months until their wedding!

At Taylor's family Christmas. Hamilton, Kate, Me and Taylor.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.