Monday, February 28, 2011

9:00 am and i have already made breakfast.... (turkey bacon, hash browns, scrambled eggs with spinach...{my brother and SIL makes eggs like this...i thought it was weird at first but tastes so good and put some veggies with breakfast...}, did two loads of laundry, cleaned my house from top to bottom, and caught up on my shows.

Yes that means I have been up for awhile. I laid in bed awake from 2am - 4am trying to go to sleep. Then finally got up and started my morning... Those close to me know..that is NOT THE NORMAL LIFE OF JENNI. But i did sleep all day yesterday so couldn't get much more sleep. Life of a night shift worker.

So the Bachelor... do ya'll watch this show. I love it. Reminds me of my college days in the pi phi house break room all watching it together... {If haven't seen this weeks episode prepare yourself you will find out the last 2 girls.}

I am VERY NERVOUS about the end. Who is he going to pick.

I like both girls. BUT MY FAVORITE is Emily... Who wouldn't love her. Her story is so touching. I am going to go ahead a call it. If Emily is not the last girl standing then she WILL be the next Bachelorette! Although she might not want to leave her little girls again so soon. Two weeks and we will find out which girl he picks.

Now I am off to put air in my bike tires so i can go on a bike ride this morning too.. Who am I... not sure what has taken over my body... cleaning cooking and bike ride all in one day. I normal don't see the sight of day until 2 pm!

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My List

So Hanna, one of my best friends most of my life, posted this linky thing about a bucket list. Those things we want to do before we die. Well i went to my journal... yes i kept a journal before the blog world started.... because i made a "To Do" list is what i called it at the time. I had added to it and funny that i have done a lot of things on my list just this past couple of years. I wrote this in 2008.

*Get married- check
*Be a mother
*Be a L&D nurse- almost there i take care of the mom after birth. Keep praying that i get to my goal..and on DAYS!
*Buy a car- check... although i have only had it for a year and have my heart on something else
*Go to California- sister lived there for 3 months so i went to stay with her and went to napa... want to go back
*Go to New York- check...went for my first BIL lives there now
*Own a business
*Buy a house- check..somewhat.. I helped the man pick it out and he bought i pay for it! but ready for a new one. We planned to flip this one and make $$$ and build or buy something new... but with the market like it is..we decided to stay.
*Remain debt free- check....Cars and houses don't count... :) neither do credit cards.. kidding
*Go out of the country- check..went to Dominican Republic for our honeymoon..but have many other places i want to go
*Go to Mexico

New ones i am adding:
*More school... OBGYN, Nurse Practitioner...
*have my car paid off
*have 6 months of all payments/bill in savings.. never know when something could happen
*have 2 kids
*have college funds for kids
*Go to Europe
*Go on a cruise
*Go on a medical missions out of the country. So close to going to Africa once and The Man didn't like the idea...
*Work out every day or at least 4 days a week

This is all i can think of right now...i know there is soo much more. But I have to be up early on normal people time... so better get to bed! 7:00 am is not for me! 3 posts in one day... wow!

Spring is on the way

Who else was soo happy that the Groundhog did not see his shadow. Every year i am like dang 6 more weeks of winter. I think this year we needed the break more than ever. These last two weeks have been wonderful. (Yes i know groundhogs day was like almost a month ago but i just started thing about wow we really did get an early spring)

Sunday (I know it is Wednesday but i just was in a crazy mood all week and ya'll did not want me to have any posts during that time or they would not have been happy...not like me i know but everyone gets in a funk every now and then) anyway on Sunday while The Man was playing golf (joy it is that time again) i took the dogs on a bike trail by our house. I did not try to take them while i was riding my bike...very much smarter than that..they would have me on the ground. But instead we went for a run/jog/ok i walked. I had the baby girl Lottie on a leash while Big Man Miller ran about. Yes i might be a bad mom but he listens and well Lottie does what she wants to and there are certain areas that are close to streets.

So we went for our little walk.... this is the first thing Miller ran to. WATER. Poor Lottie wanted to go soo bad so i had to let her off the leash to enjoy!
After awhile i tried to get them to come and they were not having it. They LOVED the water. They would run up to the trail, and of course there would be people walking, that they would run up to i am thinking, oh please don't jump on these nice people ya'll are all wet. But as soon as i would throw the stick again they were off after it. For awhile i had a few people watching my crazy dogs have a ball and they were putting on a show. After playing in the water the smelled of it was bath time in the back yard b/c i was not letting them in my house dirty. Well i basically got a bath too and a cold at that. It was like 70 degrees outside but still not time to play in the water.

Then when The Man got home we took the Jeep out for a ride with the top off... and I GOT TO LEARN HOW TO DRIVE A STANDARD. I did pretty good if i say so myself. AS i was driving the Man said i am surprised you haven't killed it yet. UGH. Not 2 sec later dead. But oh well everyone has to learn sometime. He told me NOT to take it out for a drive yet without him. He thinks i did well but might need a few more practice sessions. So sad i did not get my picture driving the jeep. It was soo fun. But kind of stressful. Waiting for the day to come where i don't have to think about it entire time.

We just had a great dinner with friends tonight. Will have more about that on my next post!

Best kept secret in town

My last post I told you about my plans for dinner. Well it was amazing. Pops place is the name of the restaurant. I said it has only been here for a couple of years but I learned that it has actually been around for awhile. I was trying to see when it opened but everything said "est: a long time ago." and also said best kept secret in town. That is so true.
It is on the way to some of our good friends house. Every time we pass it we talk about going. The Man wants it to be our new place! If we don't feel like cooking just be the locals at the restaurant. They have a beautiful outdoor seating. We got there after dark so it was slightly chilly. But I did make a friend.

It is the owners cat. I can't remember it's name. But right as we sat down it came meowing at me and then sat in my lap. Good thing I like all animals. The Man doesn't love cats. He called me the crazy cat lady! He would leave and greet other tables to always return. Then the food came. The sweet cat let me eat and as soon as I was finished he was back!

He hung out for awhile then I decided he needed some of my steak. Friends forever after that! The Man was bothered. He doesn't like animals to eat people food. I told him the cat probably eats people food all the time! Just chill. After the amazing dinner we went the Hopkins to listen to my favorite...Dave and Trey.

The lighting was not good for the iPhone but I just love these two. We have come to watch the one on the right for a very long time. He had a band we would go see since I was like 15. They both play at my father in law's, best friend, Michael's restaurant (did y'all follow that). Every year Michael brings them to the cabin for the weekend. It is always such a wonderful time. Listening to them sing all night. Those close to me might remember them from our rehearsal dinner!
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Movie Night

The Man and I used to go on a date every Sunday night. Every Sunday we would go to dinner and then a movie. We have done it since we were in college. We then started going to dinner with my parents every Sunday but still did our movie date just us. Well the fast few months we started playing trivia with a few friends on Sunday nights. I have been kind of sad that we have missed out on our movie dates....and i feel like i never see movies anymore. But when i saw previews for this movie i knew it was a MUST SEE! Jennifer Aniston is my favorite actress and Adam Sandler is The Man's very favorite actor. We had dinner and movie night with friends last night and this the the movie everyone decided they wanted to see!

IT. WAS. SO. GOOD. Everyone needs to go see it. I am not big on buying movies..but this is a movie i will buy when it comes out. It wasn't the typical movie that you can watch the previews and basically know the best parts of the movie. It is a good movie for both girl and guy. SOO FUNNY! I want to go see it again.

Now tonight we are going to try out a local restaurant in town that is a little hole in the wall. It has been open for awhile like maybe a year or two, but for some reason i haven't been able to try it. They have outdoor seating and today has been such a pretty day so we picked there to eat. Then we plan to go listen to my favorite local band.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I am loving this weather. The Man and i did a little working in the yard...waiting to plant flowers... didn't want the weather to trick us and have another freeze and mess up our flowers! Someone said wait until after Easter...but that will almost be MAY since Easter is late this year. Who knows how the weather will be!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Be mine

Happy Valentines! I am not crazy about Valentines I do like the Holiday but my brothers birthday is today so it was a day for him. Of course my parents would get us little things but we didn't take away from jasons birthday. Well then I started dating The Man! since his birhday is just two days before valentines day I still didn't want to take away from him! So we dont go crazy on V-day!

But I did spend the day with one sweet little Valentine!

Will, rach and I spent the afternoon together while the hubbies were making some money!

And since I always get distracted with those two, The Sweet Man got home before me and this is what I got home to! Love a little chocolate and flowers! And a date night out for dinner!

I might be the only girl that doesn't love flowers. I mean I like recieving them just like this...dozen store bought flowers. Flowers die... I think it is crazy to spend more than $20 on flowers. I would rather you take me shopping or day of pampering or small trip! Anyone else feel this way? Hope you had a Happy valentines day!

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Birthday weekend....

Last weekend was The Sweet Man 29th Birthday!!!! I had to plan a big weekend for him. I wasn't sure what to do...then decided only a few of our friends have been able to come to our cabin. It is one of my very favorite places!

So I planned a for a few of our friends to have a get away weekend to the cabin. I tried to make it a surprise for The Sweet Man but then things got how many four wheelers we need and all that good stuff. I did have a fun surprise for him...i invited two of his best friends since high school, Matt and Rhys. Not even a week after i invited them i had to tell him my plans for the weekend get away. He then said well why don't you see if Rhys and Matt want to come. I was like ughhh... that was MY IDEA. Rhys was able to come but Matt and his wife had to be out of town on that weekend.

Late Spring early Summer is my favorite time at the cabin. Every season is so beautiful but most of our time is spent outside so Winter is miserable to me. But it was wonderful weather. There was still snow on the ground and cold on the four wheelers but during the day is was upper 50s low 60s. Now at night it was COLD but we just sat by the fire. And made SMORES!
Us girls wanted pictures together and then they guys would just sit around so i had to make sure to get one of them. (notice the snow on the ground)
My picture with the Birthday Boy!
Michael and Ashley with Sadie in the background

We always have such a good time with friends at the cabin. There is no cell phone service and used to not have TV..but that changed just this year.... it is so peaceful. These days we get so used to our cell phone and computers and sitting inside watching TV. But at the cabin you are outdoors most of the time. Enjoying the view. We do always have such good food. Always cooks a big breakfast...sometimes (most of the time) lunch is forgot about b/c you loose track of time. and then dinner is great. We brought The Sweet Man a birthday cake and had a few gifts to open.

We had such a good always! I am already planning our weekend get away for the summer so we can go floating and see how beautiful it is in the summer.

Happy Birthday to The Sweet Man, I love you more than you know

Thursday, February 10, 2011

February Fun.....

I had a very eventful weekend not sure why it is taking me forever to share it with ya'll. I am mostly upset about the fact that i didn't capture any pictures! I woke up Friday to The Man telling me where he was going. There was snow covering the ground and him and some friends were like little boys again and playing all day. Needless to say with him out of the house i slept from when i got home from work (8am) until 5:30PM. Oh bother.... I woke up, got caught up on my shows and then we decided to order pizza. I was still pouting about the fact that the snow messed up my trip to Dallas... Then I got the invite to one of my favorite T-town girls' surprise engagement party!!!!!


A few of her family and close friends met at Timothy's. Stella, Nathan, John and Alana came walking through the doors. We all had such a wonderful dinner and i am soo excited for Stella...I am getting excited about all the WEDDING PLANNING... My. Favorite! After dinner we hung out for a little bit to listen to my favorite band play. Big day Sunday for the super bowl

Sunday morning we woke up early for church.. Early as in the service started at 10:00, where we are used to our church starting at 11:00. First Baptist had a scouts Sunday. The Sweet Man was an Eagle Scout troop 16 (I think). So we attended the special service. It is very touching to see how many Boy Scouts dressed in the outfits. Also to see what an accomplishment it is to get your Eagle Scout! Very proub of The Man! After the service we got home and cleaned like crazy and started cooking for our Super Bowl party. Again... no pictures! Not sure what i was thinking. We had about 20 or so people over. Snacks that everyone brought were great. I can honestly say i didn't watch to much of it at all. All the girls were in a different room from the guy so we could chit chat a little and watch what we wanted. The commercials, i have to say, did not impress me one bit. Then the work we started again... But off until next Tuesday...and we have another big weekend planned...

Oh and my little friend patient that i told ya'll about here is back this week and i was able to inform him that it is official!! I do not have a baby growing in me at this moment.

Today Rachel finds out what the sex of her baby is...i can't wait to find out what my new little friend is going to be boy or GIRL!!!

One of my good work friends Birthday's is the same as The Man's (and Abraham Lincoln's...i love him :)) so we are celebrating it tonight at Hopkins. I will try to remember my camera this time.

As for this weekend i have a very fun birthday weekend planned for The Man....and of course then Valentines Day!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week

Sorry no pics just me blabbing!!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Good-bye January.....Hello February

New look around here.....and I love it!!!

I can not believe it is already February. I feel like i might say this every month. January was such a busy month and i don't feel like I shared any of it will ya'll! We had many birthday celebrations!

Moms birthday was first celebrated. I love this picture of her and her friend Susan.

mom and susie

Next my Grandfather celebrated his 98 birthday! CRAZY....

I am already thinking of a 100th birthday bash!

grandkids with papaw at Christmas Then my Dad celebrated his birthday. I was sadly at work and didn't even get to see him! This is a picture my cousin took at my wedding. It is one of my VERY favorites! Can't wait to go print out my wedding pictures very soon!

We also celebrated my Mother in Law's birthday and The Sweet Man's Grandfather's birthday!

We had a wonderful "celebration" and girls night full of fun.

And of course there is always a photo shoot. Alana and I commented on how Stella always takes the best pictures, the same cute pose, and the skinny face. Alana and i tried to make our faces look thin and we tried to look perfect in every pic like Stella and you see the fun pictures we ended up with.

Love a good night out with friends.

I feel like February is going to be just as busy. This weekend we were suppose to have a shower for one of the cutest little mommy to be. But we had to move it to next weekend because of the snow. (very sad that i won't be able to make it). Then we have super bowl, Taylor's birthday weekend, Valentines day, and then weekend work. And hopefully warm weather right around the corner.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Stay warm!!!

Really....snow day again?

I can not believe it is snowing again! Twice in one month. Growing up we would go 2 or 3 yrs without even a drop of snow! I think it is beautiful and all but I had a weekend get away planned and I might cry if it is canceled! Was a little concerned this morning that the day shift nurses wouldn't make it and I would be stuck working 24hr shift! Thank you Lord for getting them there safe and me at home in my bed all warm! Hope everyone has a good day! And snow please please melt fast so I can heAd to Dallas!!!!

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First hunt!

The sweet man took little Lottie on her first hunt. Actually a couple of weeks ago and I keep forgetting to share it with y'all. I know she is a "hunting" dog, but she is also my sweet baby girl. I wonder how I will feel the first time my child goes hunting. Bc let me tell you I was slightly stressed when she was going. I was still at work when The Sweet Man sent me these pics! I love it. Like a proud Dad!

Yes that is a goose! She had only been introduced to a couple of ducks and naturally got the hang of it, then the goose. The Sweet Man said it was bigger than her. She barked at it forever and tried to drag it by the neck. Much bigger than the ducks and her animal toys at home. My little hunters. Miller was very sad he missed the trip!

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