Monday, May 23, 2011

Showers and such

When Spring hits that is when parties, weddings, wedding showers, baby showers start and then comes summer..which is extra busy too. I have been pretty busy between work and fun events that I forget to post about everything going on. Work has been crazy busy... I guess during August people decide to stay in the air conditioning making May a busy month for me at work :)

Anyway.... last weekend some friends of ours got married and what a beautiful outdoor wedding it was (of course forgot my camera). I had to leave early to attend such a fun wedding shower for my brothers best friend . He and My sister in law weren't able to make it so my sister and I decided we needed to go.

Ashley, Nathan, Kaysi and Me

The theme was a luau... so much fun... wish i would have been that crazy person taking pictures of everything. The house was decorated to nice in the Hawaiian theme... even the food and drinks had a special touch. I have known Nathan for years and didn't realize until the end fo the shower the reason for the Hawaiian Luau is because he is 1/2 or maybe 1/3 Hawaiian. His grandmother was there and sang for all of us... she was just too cute! I took pictures but it was way too dark. She might be the cutest thing i have ever seen.

Then a long week of working and preparing for a baby shower for Haley, my cousin in law :)
The Man's family are some of my favorite people. As mentioned in my last post..this sweet thing came in town for baby shower, along with her mom Madison and Grandmother P-cakes.. fun name huh? I again, didn't put her down. She is the best age to just cuddle with. On Sunday we took at little nap together. I want one! :) The Man is getting close!
So....I showers...everything about them. Decor, little clothes, baby things, baby names. My Mother in Law hosted the shower at her house with her sister. I knew they wouldn't care if i helped with the decor. Sometimes when i am not having the shower i my house i feel i am stepping on people toes making fun things for the shower.

I explained to them you can't have a baby without a door hanger for the hospital door. I have the best job ever and get to take care of the mom after she has the baby, so i get to see all the door hangers. LOVE THEM. This is one i made for Haley and baby Cannon's door. He will be here in July and we can't wait! The food table... and another fun thing i enjoy making... diaper cakes. Sorry i didn't get all of the food i was tryingto keep bodies out of the picture. Close up of the diaper cake.

My MIL and The Man's Aunt were going to pay for someone to make a diaper cake not knowing i make them. I mean i don't like have a business or anything but started doing them about 2 years ago at my sisters in law's baby shower. I wasn't going to pay someone to make it so decided i would learn and since then i have made probably 7 or 8. I wish I had a picture of all of them i have done. I will start now on taking picture of them! If i come across pic of the diaper cakes then i of course will share them with ya'll.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Looks like it will be mostly sunny week. Hopefully no more rain and tornado like weather. Keep Joplin families in your prayers.

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