Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another month behind us!!!

Today is again one of those days. Same day that I have had for 10 months now. I have it together for some reason today. Unlike some in the past I would just sit on my couch and cry. Not want to answer my phone or shower and get out of the house. Not sure why I feel the need to share this lately, but if anyone is in my shoes it helps to know there are others out there. In real life I am very open about every detail of my life. So might as well be open on my blog.

I do feel that everything happens for a reason and I know that one day I will be a mom to something other than animals :). although the love I have for my sweet Lottie And miller I can't imagine a child.

A friend of mine (hey Kimbo) has been taking about a blog she reads a lot. (this is where it is weird how everything happens for a reason) I have also read that blog for many years now. Although one I have not read In a while. I decided one day that i was off work, while staying with my parents, I will get caught up on my blog reading. When I got to this blog posted, she posted about a month ago, showing her life and infertility issues. She had everyone that was having infertility problems to link their blog. I was too late and so thankful I was bc I started reading the other blogs and oh man. I have it good. Looking on the bright side:
---it has not been a full yr of trying yet.
--- I do not have any kind of disorder or disease like pcos.
---I have regular cycles and I ovulate
--- so basically waiting on the right time

My story Made me realize it is all about timing and no, I am not taking About ovulation timing, but GOD's timing. Which brings me to another thing I noticed. All the blogs that were having infertility problems all mentioned God and were believers. Not sure where I am going with this thought but was just a weird observation! Stupid devil. Although most of them were not loosing faith and trusting God.

Most of my readers know I am a L&D nurse. I love my job more than anything. While helping all different kinds of people (trying to use nice words) bring their baby into the world I always get asked how many children I have. I always then explain I don have children yet but plan to. Most "normal people" stop there. Some rather touched go on. This is a Convo I will never forget:
Me: no children yet
Touched lady (patients front teeth) : you don't want a baby
Me: no I do, just still trying
Touched lady: trying for what
Me: tryin to have a baby. It doesn't just happen right away for some.
Touched lady: what I have never heard that. If you want to have a baby then just have one.
Me: it not that easy for some. I could feel my face getting red.
Touched lady: well it was like that with me. I just had to look at my husband. And it was like that with my two daughters.

Bless her. I am not sure If this family believed in God or not but this was the point I was getting at earlier some people don't even know about infertility issues. Which I don't even consider myself having infertility issues. I consider myself lucky to have what I have just pray to have another family member involved.

But while patiently waiting I get to watch these sweet babies grow

My nephew Hollis. Which is headed my way as we speak. Can't wait. He is getting so big. Like a little adult.

My best little friend. Us at lunch yesterday. Is mom gets worried I will still want kids after hanging out with her kids all day. I love these kids so much she is crazy. Just don't let Taylor hang out with them.

And my god son Zane. He is the most chill kid I know. Love him to death! I do have two sweet little girls in my life. Oh duh 3 now. Just no new pics With them. Well one I haven't gotten to meet yet. But I'm counting down the days.

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