Friday, September 9, 2011

Razorbacks remember

Wow..... Gives me chills!

Just a reminder to those razorback fans that are going to the little rock game tomorrow don't forget the red, white and blue out. Fans in odd numbered sections wear white and those in even numbered sections wear red. The man and I are in section 30 so we will be wearing red. The student section will get blue shirts, so that is where the blue comes in. They also have shirts in white and red that they made for the red white and blue out.

Amazing how everyone comes together on this day. I love it. Those that know me I am very I wouldn't miss this game for anything.

They have many neat things planned for the game. I can't wait. Every time I turn on the tv there is a "remembering 9-11" going on. I still just sit and cry every time i watch any special on 9-11! This is also a special time for the man and me. We had our rehearsal dinner on 9-11 and got married on 9-12! Obviously dates we will never forget for two reasons.

We celebrated our first anniversary in New York a couples of weeks before our actually anniversary, neither the man or I had ever been there. Seeing all the construction 9 years later was crazy. Now we plan to go this December so we can see the new world trade center and 2012 to visit the museum.

This was basically a pit from where the twin towers were. It was hard to see the work they were doing because of the big fence.

We of course had to go to the fire fighter museum for the man. I dressed up in all the garb for a pic.

This is a timeline sec by sec of the September 11.

These are the firefights that lost their lives. It was very emotional room to view.

My thoughts and prayers are with the those families that lost loved ones on that day. They will never be forgotten.

I will share all the fun highlights of the game.

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