Monday, September 12, 2011

To be loved by you!

Today the Man and I are celebrating our 2nd anniversary. It just makes me smile to think back to age 14 when i just dreamed of being married to the Sweet Man. Now I am living it. I am so thankful the Lord put him in my life and i found my partner. When i was young and would think about my wedding day i always thought how sad it was for the brides parents, letting their daughter go. No longer have their family name... this was kind of hard for me as a bride. Weird i know..that is another post in itself.

Looking at the pictures I still feel how emotional my wedding day was. While watching my bridesmaids walk out i just started crying. I was soo happy, but it hit me at that moment this is really happening. Then there was my father standing there waiting to walk me down the isle. The moment I always thought was so emotion, my dad letting me go. I was the first of his daughtesr to get married so i am sure it was extra emotional for him too. What am amazing man my father is! You can't tell so much in this picture but we had to dry it up to walk down the isle.

This is one of my favorite photos of the wedding. Love the art in the picture. My sister standing next to me. With my flower girl, lexi, right between us. Lexi is my cousin's oldest daughter....she and her sister are more like neices to me. Holding hands with The Man... with Lexi's eyes on us the entire time.

This is always my favorite moment of every wedding....well besides watching the groom when the brides comes out...but most people do "first glance pics" now so this is my fav. The KISS.... our pic cracks me up how stiff my arm is. But I love it. This day we gave our life to one another and made a vow before friends, family and God. So special.

Happy Anniversary to the Love of my Life. You mean everything to me. I can't wait for the years to come and what God has planned for us.

First time to actually use this title post...but i think of it everytime I try to think of a title. But it works perfect for todays post.

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