Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend randoms

The man was out of town on a guys trip with his college friends. So this means I'm left home with the dogs. We will be out of town so much during football season that I hated to ask my parents or the mans to keep our child dogs so I could get away. One of my friends went out of town too so I also kept her 9 month old lab Dutch. At least everyone else is having a fun weekend.

The man and I thought about getting another dog, so glad we had Dutch this weekend bc it made me realize three dogs is way too many. They were all so sweet and got along so well but each thought they would be left out of something so they seriously followed me everywhere and when we would just be sitting they would all pile up on me. Crazy dogs. Sweet Lottie did not like Dutch when we had them at our cabin together. Basically neither Lottie or Dutch are fixed so he just really LIKES her if you know what I mean. So she was always very close to me. Which I love cuddle time with sweet baby girl.

Talking about weekend fun my cousin, Sara, sent me this pic of her. She did a warrior dash. This was the first I have heard of this. She like jumps over fire and swims through mud. I don't believe we have this in my town but I would love to do it. Hope you don't mind that I posted this pic Sara. So ready to see you this weekend!

I basically stayed home all weekend. Saturday I watched food network most of the day. I love the pioneer women's blog, didn't realize she had a show. I secretly want to be her. Living on a ranch with her cowboy husband. Too bad The Man is not a least he does wear boots. Anyway she fixed chicken fried steak....yum. Something I enjoy but don't let myself have. So then I was in the mood for fried chicken. I couldn't tell you the last time I had friend chicken. I'm weird and will not eat anything off a bone so I had to go with chicken trips.

Everything is ok in moderation right? Highlight of my weekend. Don't tell the man!

Saturday night I did go see One Day. Can't tell you how I felt about it. You will have to go see it for yourself. Take some tissues.

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