Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gods promises....

This past Sunday my pastor preached on how many promises God gave us in the bible. There really are so many. Why we all worry about life and all the financial problems our country is in, when really we should trust Gods promise that we will take care of us. He is able and WILLING to take care of everything.

I know it is hard for us not to take over and do things our way or sit and worry about the things going on in our life. But just let go of it and give it to the Lord. Although we may not always see it, he is working in our life in so many ways. So comforting....right?

I feel I am normally pretty good about not worrying so much about things I can't do anything about, I do have faith that the Lord will take care of it. But those things in my life that I have control of, now that is where I need to give it to the Lord. Because really I am not in control, but He is.

Tim, my Pastor, explained to us to go ahead and thank the Lord for what he is GOING to do in your life about certain things. This shows you have faith that he will take care of you. Man, I didn't realize how much I needed this sermon until later that afternoon. The Man doesn't love for me to talk about personal things in his life, but let me just say we are trusting the Lord is taking care of things.

Then last night we were going to bed and noticed our carpet in our bedroom, right outside our bathroom, is soaking wet. We both thought to ourselves, seriously. This could be bad. Our house was built in the late 50's early 60's (can't remember). But if it is the plumbing that could be awful, and very expensive. We did what we could to dry it up and would take care of it in the morning. This morning The Man and I reminded ourselves, we just need to trust that it will be something we can take care of and won't break the bank. Basically we think it is from the shower not draining or something. So not as bad as we imagined last night.

Now to my life. I know I have shared with ya'll about my switch to L&D and dayshift. It took awhile for me to get here. And I did complain about it on a regular basis. 3 years on night shift was not easy. I tried to change jobs twice but it didn't work out. I would always think to myself, God has a plan for me. I just needed to enjoy the here and now because life will change for me one day. Then Dr Wilson, a very wonderful OBGYN in-town, moved to my Hospital which moved me to L&D and dayshift. Looking back on my 3 years of night shift I met such amazing girls that I will be friends with forever. And I will say, i think each of us got closer to God with sharing our life stories with one another, and by living our life as an example of a child of God.

One more thing I am dealing with, not sure why it has taken me until now to share. Most everyone close in my life knows The Man and I are ready to have a baby! Each month I look at the calendar and think ok if I'm pregnant this month then this is the due date. My sister is getting married in April, so I have put the "trying" on hold for a couple of months. Her wedding is a destination wedding and I am helping plan it so I HAVE to be there. I don't mind if I'm pregnant in the wedding but obviously just can't be 9 months. I look at the pregnancy wheel at work all the time trying to plan my life. Finally one of my very good friends, Kelsi, which I work with, gave me the best advice. She said stop trying to plan this, you are going to drive yourself crazy, just let God take care of it. Such great advice. He does know best. I'm going to give it all to him!

I couldn't save the picture so I just took a pic of it on the iPad. But I love this and look at it all the time.

Visit www.heritagetexarkana.com to view last weeks sermon. It isn't posted yet but keep checking because it was GREAT!

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