Monday, March 28, 2011

Life is good

{For some reason this post will only show up one big paragraph...sorry. I Hope its not too long} Isn't it crazy how in life we always talk about the bad things or more depressing things going on in our life. Most of the time we don't always share the good, happy, positive things. I don't know if it is that people feel bad or what...but i try to always be more positive so today this post is a happy post. I am not sure if it is this time of year but i am getting so excited about what the future holds. This past weekend The Man's family was in town. His mother has 2 sisters so 3 girls in all. Both sisters have 3 girls. (I am really not sure how my MIL ended up with 2 boys.) 3 of the Man's cousins were in town... all girls, so i of course loved every bit of it...and i am sure my MIL did too since she is surrounded by boys. One of his cousins, Madison, just had a baby girl that i held every moment i could. L.O.V.E that beautiful girl to death. Another cousin Raven has 4 boys running around, and then the other cousin there Leighann will hopefully soon be getting engaged and married. The other 3 girl cousins that weren't there also have fun things going on. One pregnant and another getting married this summer! Needless to say life is good in their family. A lot of change but change is great. I feel like i spend so much time thinking... planning... for the future that i forget to sit and enjoy the here and now. I feel like as i get older i have become such a planner. Before the man and i got engaged i would DREAM of my wedding and have it all planned out even before i had a ring on my finger. I thought that is what ever girl does. Then i realized maybe not...i am just be a little obsessed. OBSESSED...that is the word i hear from The Man all the time. I guess i think out loud to him sometime... I get something on my mind and just go crazy.... For example i have a few things i have planned already (in my head)....if Gods will of course. The Man's 30th birthday....My grandfathers 100th birthday (Jan 21, 2013...crazy i know)..... Next years Christmas card..... Outfits for this summer vacation with my family..... Dinner for this summer vacation (The Man thinks i am crazy)..... How i will tell the man we are having a baby (We aren't even trying)...... How we will tell our family and friends we are having a baby..... How i will decorate my new house (I can't live in this one my entire life...right?)..... The next wedding shower i hos......t The next baby shower i host..... My Nursery one day! I am crazy or does anyone else do this? I am so excited about the future and all these things that i already have "planned out in my head." But i know i just need to sit and enjoy the right now. As my MIL said this weekend "we all just need to be thankful and happy with the good things in our life and people we have to enjoy life with." This is so true and i am going to try to starting soaking up every moment of this life i live, that i thank God for everyday! Also this weekend was great, spent time with the Man's family Friday night. Breakfast with my mom Saturday morning then afternoon with The Man's family. Saturday night we enjoyed a wedding shower of some good friends and then a night out with friends that i haven't gotten to see in awhile or hardly ever hang out with. Sunday, church and then nap and afternoon and dinner with the Man's family....LIFE IS GOOD!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fun little date

This past weekend was not too eventful for me. It was my weekend to work and the man left with our sweet dogs and went to the cabin with his family. I was very sad not to get to spend the weekend with him and his family but it made it fun and nice to see him on Sunday. I of course was still asleep when he got home but after getting up and getting ready I went to ride the golf cart while he played golf! I wish I had my camera! I enjoyed the relaxing day and time with the man. Some times our lives just get so busy and with me working nights and sleeping during the day then we go out of town a lot of weekends, we don't always have time just us!

Everytime I go to the country club I think of our wedding day! I had such a wonderful time planning it and loved evetything about it. Well I wish it would have stopped raining just for a little bit! But my dream was to kiss in the rain and we did get to do that and have pictures of it too.

Those getting married soonI would forsure have a first glance. Alot of people do like to see each other before the wedding but for me it was important for us to have a special time just us. I didn't want the first time we see each other i am also trying to walk down the isle the photographer not able to get both of the looks on our faces. It was very special to me and where we gave each other our "special gifts"! I had it planned great we would meet here....

At this little bench on the golf course! Such a beautiful area. This pictures doesn't do it justice. It is on this little island between these two bridges

Kind of hard to see. I tried to get the man to sit and take a pic with me on the bench but he didn't think that would be too fun (probaby b/c everyone would be watching us and wondering what we were doing)! Haha. So I decided to just take pictures so I will remember it even though it didn't work out for us and we had to do our first glance inside!

I pretended like I was a photographer today but with the iPhone so the pictures definitely were not the best! Need to keep my camera with me at all times!

The man on "our little island" about to hit the ball! Would be such a good pic if I had my camera bc in the back ground is the country club! Soo pretty! But very hard to tell in this picture.

First time for me to be on a green besides like at a wedding. WHen i DO NOT play golf and normally when I ride around with The man i always sit in the cart but not this time. My job was to pick up the flag while he made it in the hole!

Can't wait for the man to take our little boy, if God willing, to play golf one day. It was something my dad and brother did together all growing up! We can all dream... maybe one day it will come true!

Hope you have a good week! Mine will be busy and very emotional....more about this later!

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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Some things really make me happy. The farmers market is one of them. I can't wait until they open. I was radomly craving brussel sprouts. The man hates them...but since he wasn't eating dinner with me a decided to make me some for dinner! Doesn't this look soo good! Italian chicken, twice baked potato and Brussel sprouts!

Then when I get to work I find out the day shift made a run to chicken express and one of the girls ordered sweet tea and they gave her unsweet. So this is what I enjoyed all night! Look how huge this is! Such good tea and in a bucket! Thanks Jil!

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

What a wonderful time of the year

The title makes you think of Christmas season but today this is the song that was being sung in my back seat! This is because the best snowcone place opened for the summer. Southern tropics is open and has a new look!

My mom and I drove past it and saw that it was open and had to go pick up Rach and Willie for a snowcone date. Makes me soooo happy! I have a new friend that moved to T-town and I can't wait to take her for her first southern tropics visit. Seriously during the summer i go like every other day if not everyday! It used to be this little stand that had this long line out in the grass waiting. Now they have made the place bigger but I know there will still be a line! Today I enjoyed peaches and cream!

These two were just as excited as I was that its opened for the next 7 months! Woohooo

On certain computers this post title shows something crazy....sorry not sure why...The title is "What a wonderful time of the year" if you see something else... that is not the title!!!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh sunny Days....

I love this weather i can hardly stand it. I just want to be outside all the time. At this very moment i am in our den with the french doors wide open. Giving my house a good fresh smell and letting this coldness that is stuck in my house out! Does anyone else do this? It is like opening the widows but instead all the doors!! My dog aren't sure what to do...if they should sit outside or inside. To cute!

Well this week is spring break for my town. No nurses don't get a spring break...but i am pretty good at making my schedule and made sure i was off during the week days to hang out with my mother (since she is a school nurse) and have lunch dates with some of my teacher friends.

Monday Mom, Ash and I decided to take trip to Little Rock to have lunch with my grandmother and do some shopping. No pictures...of course... well except this one

I am soo soo soo excited about my favorite store opening in little rock. It is so close... yet not just down the street...i do have family in LR, one of my best friends is moving back to LR...(this is for you Cat), one of my ttown besties family is in needless to say it is an easy day trip. So excited... and yes i did stand in front of the store and took a picture with my phone like i was a tourist or something... haha...

So Tues and Wed has been mother daughter time and of course Rach and Willis time. My dear mother and Rachel love some antiques/junk shops... ok so do i...but The Sweet Man doesn't. He likes the antiques that his mother has, but they are ones that i can not afford at this moment. :) Not the junk ones....So Tuesday started with a trip to Ashdown. Then lunch with Rach and Willis then mom and Rach planned out a trip to New Boston to see all their antiques and then planned a whole day for today... we were up early for breakfast and headed to Atlanta. They were soo excited.. Will and i were just enjoying our time with our mommas! This is a funny pic I got of Will. My sister has always wanted a lawn i was taking a picture of him to send to her and Sweet Will wanted his picture with him... too funny. and. so. cute! (talking about Will not the lawn jockey...he is scary and $ thanks!

Not sure what planned for tomorrow...besides our st patty's day get together. Then Friday there is talk of going to estate sales with these two antique shopping fools! I do work Friday night so will be sleeping most of the day....

I forgot to share with ya'll my trip to Fayetteville two weekends ago. It was SOOO nice to see everyone. It was not a rushed stressed out weekend at all. The Man did stuff with his friends and I was with mine. Boy time and girl time. It was great....always good to have your own time. I had dinner Friday night at Bordinos with all the girls and then made our way to Theo' fav. Then i met up with The Man and his friends out. Saturday lunch date with my besties and then a day full of shopping. Then Katie and Channin's engagement party and then a night out. It was so fun and nice to see everyone. Always makes me think what life would be like if The Man and I were still in Fayetteville. Only 2 pictures of the entire weekend...i have got to get better at this.

Scarlet and I at West End...and yes i chopped my hair off. It was really got and was my first time to actually fix it since i got it doesn't look great in these pics. In 2 weeks it has already grown so much!
Some of my favorite people
As always i am already excited and ready to plan another trip to Fayetteville soon. Not sure when it will be but hopefully soon!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Mardi Gras

As I am still in bed at 2pm(Just woke up from my day time sleeping since I work nights.... Didn't want y'all to think I am lazy bones or depressed!)

I check my email right when I get up and this Is the special email I got today from my SIL of my sweet nephew

My SIL grew up in New Orleans, and she and my brother lived there for awhile until they moved for work reason. But they visit often since her family is still there and they share all the traditions with Hollis! Mardi Gras is North Carolina is probably not the same!

Isn't he too cute. Can't wait to hopefully see them next month!
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Friday, March 4, 2011


So excited about my little trip this weekend to Fayetteville to see some of my favorite people. I need this weekend and girl time more than ever!

I get in those sad moods when I remind myself that all my very closest friends are atleast 4 hours away. And lonely jenni is here in this town alone. Ok. Kidding. Well kind of. But woohoo so excited to spend a weekend with the girls!

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