Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hacked email

I feel like there is always an excuse for not posting and makes me feel so I'm a student and don't have my project in on time. Do y'all feel like this too?

Well the reason for being Mia (beside working, being out of town, and sleep overs at my parents) someone hacked my email account. I had to switch passwords and such but then it caused my blog app not to work. I kept trying to change the log on but it still wouldn't work. I then finally just had to just delete the app and start over. I feel like this took forever to get figured out.

Almost every weekend since the last post I have had to work or had a shower for Ashley. Which has been lots of fun. I Will post about each one soon. But I will share a fun picture from Ashley's girls weekend getaway to Austin this past weekend.

We had such a wonderful time with wonderful Friends. Less than a month we will be in Florida for the wedding. Soo exciting.

I promise I will try to be better about posting.

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