Saturday, April 30, 2011

OH. MY. O.M.G.

Oh my, OMG. is a saying one of my friends always says and it cracks me up...but that is all i can think of when i think of what i am about to express to ya'll.

I am not sure if any of you are a fan or ALL MY CHILDREN.... But it is my FAVORITE! I know i am a little late explaining the heartache i have but i had other things to talk about and update you on. BUT WHY ABC..... why are you getting rid of my favorite show for many many many years. Pine valley is like my family! And to make it all worse The Man (which hates All My Children) is the one that broke the news to me. I am sure he is actually thankful. Although i have my own girl living room and he has his boy living room so it doesn't take up the DVR anymore like it used to, but he still hates it. I am sooooo upset about this. I wonder if it will still be on soap net... does it work like that...

On a positive note..... one day when i have a little girl i have picked a name that i love dearly from a soap opera... I can't tell you if its All my Children or One Life to Live... b/c i can't have you trying to narrow it down and steal my name... BUT the Sweet Man hated the fact the name was from a soap opera. So now maybe no one will know what is it from since they are doing away with both All My Children and One Life to Live and he will let us use that name for our daughter.... CROSS YOUR FINGERS!

another positive thing...i am loving Bravo... Real Housewives, Bethany Ever After, Pregnancy in heals.. loving it!


  1. I can't believe I'm only just now discovering your blog! It cracks me up how you refer to Taylor as "The Man" you are too funny! I'm glad I got to see you and Ashley at the shower today, you both look great. Ashley looked better today than I've ever seen her! You can tell she's happy, so I don't even have to meet him... Michael gets my 100% stamp of approval. (Pass that message along for me!)
    I hate that it's been so long since I've seen you guys! I never had the chance to tell you, but your wedding dress & veil was so 1920s old Hollywood... I loved it! I don't think very many people could have pulled it off, but it fit you to a T!

  2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but ABC is pulling the plug on Soapnet in Jan 2012. The higher ups at ABC don't like soaps, and that's why they canceled them. But they aren't stupid either, and that's why they didn't cancel General Hospital. I am very sad too, I am a One Life to Live fan, and used to watch AMC back in the day. I am a soap fan above all else, and will not watch any show that replaces my soaps