Friday, August 13, 2010

Healthy Habits....

So those of you that read my blog know that i am kind of all over the place. I just write about anything and everything. Most bloggers have theme of some sort or a weekly post of some sort. My blog doesn't have that.

Well I don't have children so can't give you updates on them (there is only so much i can say about my sweet baby dogs, before y'all think i am crazy). I really don't enjoy cooking...but learning how to do this a little better for the sweet man. Fashion i am ok on but just am really not good at posting pictures from the Internet on here.. so then i have to think what am i good at.

Well although i could write every post about how messed up life is working night shift.. then y'all would think i wasn't a very positive person.. So something I do think i am good at and love is my job! Taking care of new moms after they have their baby is the best job ever. There is so much joy, happiness, and lots of teaching. Also taking care of the kids is great too. I love the kids that most people think is more of a challenge to take care of, ones that the parents arent in the life or ones with special needs or just down right bad kids...i love them.. they are my fav.

So with my profession i can't really go into detail every week on what i come across b/c somehow someone might know the pt or figure it out or so on and so on.... BIG NO NO! so the next best thing is sharing what i know and what i love... Mostly with Women and children but maybe just some helpful healthy habit. If you have any questions...please ask. Not that i know it all but i am around great ob and pedi docs. If i can't figure it out i can always ask one of them. Just wanted to introduce the new theme you will be seeing every now and then!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The story behind my title "How Sweet It Is"

When I decided I wanted to start my own blog I had the hardest time coming up with a name. I didn't want to have everything about me right there for anyone to basically come knock on my frontdoor and find me. Not that anyone reading this would, but you know... there are some crazies out there. My friend Rachel (If only i knew how to highlight her name so when you clicked on it, it would take you to her blog...still if you know how) had her blog and was trying to help me come up with something to call mine. She asked me what am i passionate about, hobby, love. My passion is of course being a nurse.. but second would be to have my own business. My sister and I have always wanted a dessert place. Somewhere you would come after dinner or just meet up with friends eat dessert, have an adult beverage (Dad wouldn't go for this), and listen to music (we would have bands there on the weekends). Well my family isn't made of money so i stuck with nursing but still have that dream. We even have a name...

Then before all the cupcake places got so big we thought..well that could be cheaper to have a cupcake place... now they are everywhere...although still not in our town... but again we still aren't made of money. (so if anyone want to help with this we would quit our jobs tomorrow) I was going to name the blog what our "Dessert/cupcake" place is going to be called...but then thougth what if someone steals it.... So then I changed a few things and somehow came up with HOW SWEET IT IS... which is still pretty close to our cupcake places name. Maybe one day everyone will find out the name. :)

So anytime my sister and i come across a cupcakes place or dessert place that we like, we always take notes. The types of dessert, the look of the place, jsut everything about it. We actually already have the place we could open our store but just not sure if we are wanting to deal with everything we have to deal with. Our parents actually own it and we aren't sure they are for it either.. so we JUST DREAM... You just never know..

These picture are from the latest cupcake place we went to out of town. This is my number one pick anywhere... Will for sure have this at our place... Strawberry cupcake with strawberry cream cheese icing... YUM!

We always each order one and then share with each other so we get to try them all. They were all VERY good. Maybe one day I will have one of my own!!! The Sweet Man tell us we need to start learning how to not always make them out of the box. So we will start there :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Me... play sports?

I am not the sporty type. I was a cheerleader most of high school and was on a competition squad all throughout high school too. But i was never the girl that played sports. But for some reason I have really wanted to be on some kind of Co-ed sport, either with church or something... But then I think I have really never played sports and some might take it a little too serious and get mad at me :) Not like we can do! So when the Sweet Man and I got asked to be on a co-ed softball team we were in... (really i think they just wanted him to play and might have needed a few girls just in case) so basically I am a "just in case girl"... meaning another girl can't play, gets hurts, out of town....whatever.. But really i have THE worst schedule in the world to be able to make it to games. The games are Monday and Wednesday nights. I work most everyone Monday or Wednesday unless i work the weekend.

I made it to practice this week. They put me and another girl as the catcher. They really didn't want us to be the ones in the outfield to catch the ball and have to throw it to whatever base to get someone out. AND SCARY... there are boys that hit the balls so scares. me. to. death. So the catcher is fine with me...when i am even able to make the games. But i for real want to wear the whole catcher get up.. I am not trying to have a ball come at my face or my chest or have someone slide in to home and kick the crap out of my leg.

So maybe my work schedule is a positive thing. Makes me feel like i am apart of the team but just can't make it to the games...haha.. i am pretty good at sitting in the dugout. I can be the bat girl or something. But i do love watching sports... Well not sure if it is the actual sport i like watching to the social aspect of it. This summer The sweet man and I went to a Rangers vs. Cubs game in Dallas. The sweet man LOVEs the cubs, and well i just love TEXAS.. so you can see how this worked out for us! The first game Rangers won...Second game we were with Taylor's family so didn't make it but the cubs won and the last game we went to the CUBS won. It is better that way to keep the sweet man in a good mood! :) I have some pictures from the game but they didn't turn out too good, with us trying to take them ourselves. And He was very bothered by how many we had to take to get somewhat of us in the center. Not the he smiles that much, but it was fading for sure.

First game... Rangers won. If you notice i have on my rangers shirt and He has on his Cubs stuff. Not soo good of a was HOT..but it is still fun

3rd game... Cubs won..he still has his cubs stuff on but this time i just had the hat..
I will hopefully get some pictures of us in action at one of our softball games...well Maybe him in action... i guess i could pass out water and be the nurse at the game. :) oh yeah...and of course only me our first practice i was talking to this little boy and a stupid big yellow softball hit me in the thigh... Major bruise. But i still have all my teeth!!!