Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 2....

Today is a date I will NEVER forget. The Man asked me to be his girlfriend 11 years ago today. Soo crazy how life has worked out. I also wrote about it last year, pretty lengthy, here. I really think I knew at age 14 that i would marry The Sweet Man. I know most 14 year old teenage girls think they will marry their boyfriend at the time, but it seemed to have worked out for me. I am so thankful for him and love him more and more each day. Life with The Man is always fun, he always makes me laugh. He makes me feel so safe. For some reason I don't worry about things when I am with him because in the end i know he will take care of me.
I am a little worried about going to day shift and sleeping in the same bed with him everynight... b/c he snores...i might end up in another bedroom every time. :) But I feel like have missed out on "us" by working night shift so I am very excited about that.

How he got the name "The Sweet Man" or "The Man." He doesn't like to be talked about on my blog. When i started my blog a year ago, most blogs i read didn't put names on them, so that is why i started calling him The Sweet Man..b/c my blog name is How Sweet It Is! This was funny to some of my close friends b/c they don't see him as a "Sweet Man" he always acts tough and hard core...but not with me...he is Sweet... but since i got made fun of I started calling him "The Man." What a wonderful Man he is. I of course have to work tonight (only 2 more nights on NIGHT SHIFT) but hopefully we will celebrate our dating anniversary this weekend!

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