Friday, August 5, 2011


Yes... I pulled it off, with a lot of difficulties that came up. My sister, Ashley's, 30th Birthday was July 6. My family was on vacation to the beach on her actual birthday. She had mention once before wanting a "thirty, flirty and thriving" 30th Birthday party so i knew i would have to do something before her actual birthday with all of our friends. She probably thought I didn't even think about doing anything for her b-day since we would all be at the beach togeher. I even tried to get her best friend, that lives out of town, to be here for it but she had other plans. The plan was to not have it at my house but a different location so i wouldn't have to spend time cleaning and cooking and all that good stuff with her asking my what i was doing. I picked Timothy's to have her party. Such a good location although they double booked the area i wanted it to be. Some how the other people got it and not us..but whatever we made it work. My sister's good friend Casey was intown so that is how i was going to get her to Timothys', thinking just the two of them were going to dinner...but then we would all be there. Ashley told Casey she couldn't go b/c my Grandmother and Aunt were intown and she needed to spend time wiht them. Very true...but NO, I NEEDED HER TO GO WITH THE PLAN. But ofcourse its AShley.... makes things a little difficult (those that know her probably have a smile on their face right now b/c this is so true.)

Well all put our heads together 2 hours before the time everyone was getting there to have a new plan. Ashley thought we were eating with my family at a restraunt that was in the same shopping center as Timothys. The Man and ASh's boyfriend acted like they couldn't come so i went to pick her up for "dinner with our family." When we pulled up I looked down by Timothys' and Casey was waiting outside on the cell phone. I said hey Ash is that Casey and then she acted like she wanted to show us the that her Husband came intown to surprise her b/c this week was also Casey's birthday... So finally after fighting with us saying well our family it waiting for us...i said ok lets go real quick... FInally got her inside and to the back of Timothys we headed where everyone was waiting and.....SURPRISE! It took her a little bit to process things...I was so nervous getting her there i didn't think to ask someone to take a picture of her. It was a great night. All of our friends, Mom, Dad, Mamaw and Aunt Debi were there.

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