Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Can finally tell...

After my unanswered prayers post i got a lot of fb messages and texts thinking i was pregnant... crack me up. I would have shared it in that post if i was preggers for sure. Getting pregnant is not something i have struggled with over the past year either... anyway... to the good news and PRAYER GOD ANSWERED.

I got a new job... same hospital, same management (kind of) but going to


This is the BEST job ever in my eyes. It is what I went to Nursing School for. Some of you might be thinking to yourself "this is what i thought you did in the first place." Most people think that but really i take care of the mom right after the delivery. So basically I had the "dirty" part of the job. But i loved it, being a part of the best moment in a new mom and dads life is great. Now i am going to be a party of bring a new life into the world. So amazing.

I am very scared, not knowing anything about helping the doctor with the delivery stresses me out. In school we just got to watch, we didn't get to do anything during the delivery. It is a lot of change for me but i kind of like change. I don't know any of the nurses really. I obviously know day shift on my side of the floor and i know night shift on L&D but not day shift. So it will be like my first day as a new grad all over again. But so worth it to do your dream job! It is the same Doctors I have been working with, but as a night shift nurse we didn't see them as much, just called them during the nights.

I tried not to go on and on in posts, but working nights was really hard on me. It was really hard when the man and i first got married. If you haven't worked a 12 hour night shift, it somewhat feels like you have the flu 24/7 or you got hit by a truck. When you are at work it isn't bad but when you have to live a normal day shift life after not sleeping is awful. After a year of night shift i applied for a school nurse job b/c it wasn't looking like i was going to day anytime soon. I think they thought i was to young to be a middle school nurse. Then this past year when my sister moved here and started working at the other hospital in town i decided since she loved it i would apply for a day shift position there. This didn't work out...which were my unanswered prayers...so i thought.... little did i know i just needed to have faith. After 3 years i am finally doing my dream job. Soo excited and so scared at the same time. And i start in a week... ahhh! I will let you all know how it goes. It is a pay cute but I have always said I would pay someone to let live a normal life. And i never really understood how i could have children and work night shift! Oh yeah...so i just got offered the job today. I heard that i was possible going to get it and i was taking off the schedule on my floor so i knew something was going on...but didn't want to jinx myself! Say a little prayers for me next Wednesday...my first day on L&D.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

So Sweet

This picture melts my heart.

A little over a month I get to spend an entire week with my sweet nephew! So excited about our family trip to Hilton Head!
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Thursday, May 26, 2011


BLT = summertime to me!

Spinach leaves, turkey bacon
and tomatoes on slightly toasted wheat bread! Yum!
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Unanswered prayers

Isn't it crazy how we always feel like we know what is best for us! I have struggled with a few life issues over the past year. I couldn't understand why things were not working out the way I wanted it to work out! I pray and pray and pray and still no answer!

The Lord is so much smarter than us. He has had a plan for me and my little family this entire time and at times I forget this. I have prayed many times if it's your will but when It doesn't work out I seem disapointed. Something recently came over me and I thought there is a reason I am where I am today! And let me tell you my prayers are so close to being answered. I think I just needee to have faith, trust and be patient. I hope to share the wonderful news very soon! God is good!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Showers and such

When Spring hits that is when parties, weddings, wedding showers, baby showers start and then comes summer..which is extra busy too. I have been pretty busy between work and fun events that I forget to post about everything going on. Work has been crazy busy... I guess during August people decide to stay in the air conditioning making May a busy month for me at work :)

Anyway.... last weekend some friends of ours got married and what a beautiful outdoor wedding it was (of course forgot my camera). I had to leave early to attend such a fun wedding shower for my brothers best friend . He and My sister in law weren't able to make it so my sister and I decided we needed to go.

Ashley, Nathan, Kaysi and Me

The theme was a luau... so much fun... wish i would have been that crazy person taking pictures of everything. The house was decorated to nice in the Hawaiian theme... even the food and drinks had a special touch. I have known Nathan for years and didn't realize until the end fo the shower the reason for the Hawaiian Luau is because he is 1/2 or maybe 1/3 Hawaiian. His grandmother was there and sang for all of us... she was just too cute! I took pictures but it was way too dark. She might be the cutest thing i have ever seen.

Then a long week of working and preparing for a baby shower for Haley, my cousin in law :)
The Man's family are some of my favorite people. As mentioned in my last post..this sweet thing came in town for baby shower, along with her mom Madison and Grandmother P-cakes.. fun name huh? I again, didn't put her down. She is the best age to just cuddle with. On Sunday we took at little nap together. I want one! :) The Man is getting close!
So....I LOVE...baby showers...everything about them. Decor, little clothes, baby things, baby names. My Mother in Law hosted the shower at her house with her sister. I knew they wouldn't care if i helped with the decor. Sometimes when i am not having the shower i my house i feel i am stepping on people toes making fun things for the shower.

I explained to them you can't have a baby without a door hanger for the hospital door. I have the best job ever and get to take care of the mom after she has the baby, so i get to see all the door hangers. LOVE THEM. This is one i made for Haley and baby Cannon's door. He will be here in July and we can't wait! The food table... and another fun thing i enjoy making... diaper cakes. Sorry i didn't get all of the food i was tryingto keep bodies out of the picture. Close up of the diaper cake.

My MIL and The Man's Aunt were going to pay for someone to make a diaper cake not knowing i make them. I mean i don't like have a business or anything but started doing them about 2 years ago at my sisters in law's baby shower. I wasn't going to pay someone to make it so decided i would learn and since then i have made probably 7 or 8. I wish I had a picture of all of them i have done. I will start now on taking picture of them! If i come across pic of the diaper cakes then i of course will share them with ya'll.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Looks like it will be mostly sunny week. Hopefully no more rain and tornado like weather. Keep Joplin families in your prayers.

Friday, May 13, 2011

My little friends...

This week I got to see most of my little friends, all but my main man Hollis!

This past weekend we went to Dallas for Mothers day weekend with the Mans family! We had such a wonderful time as always but it was extra fun bc of this sweet little one, Ainsley!

She makes my heart melt! She is the only baby girl of all my family and close friends. The rest are boys! She and her family are coming intown in a week! I can't wait!

On Sunday we got a call that The Man and my god son wanted to visit me on mothers day! I had to work Sunday night so we planned dinner for Wednesday. This sweet one got me a bracelet for mothers day! So thoughtful! Something I will keep forever!

Then Thursday I got to keep my very best little friend while his mom got her hair cut! Really I think this little fella thinks we are friends not me and his mom! Every now and then he would say "ere moma go"? but didn't get upset ever! He was too busy playing with "Ninni's babies" this is what he calls my dogs!

Loving on miller!

Giving Lottie kisses

Trying to ride Miller

" I pick flower for moma." it was so cute I couldn't dare tell him no that those are Ninni's flowers that I worked so hard planting and keeping alive!

Miller, Lottie & Will. Best. Friends.

Picking Ninni a flower....again couldn't say no!

Then picking Lottie a flower

"Lottie you a flower"

I knew he was soo tired but didn't want to go inside for a nap. Instead went into The Mans (or as Will calls him "Alor") shed and wanted to ride this ride...aka the lawn mower! He thought it was so fun just to sit on it!

More kisses from Lottie!

And sweet hugs that might be a little tight! But my babies and Will had such a fun time and I know they were tired little guys! Will did not want to leave Ninni's house when his mom came to get him!

Thanks Rach for letting Will come play! We had such a good time!

I love all these little ones! And so excited to be in their life and see them all grow up to be such sweet kids!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Maternity Concierge

I think this would be the best job ever. When Bravos show Pregnant in Heels came out one of my friends said to me "that is going to be your new favorite show..huh?" Of course. I love it! I am not all about watching TV all the time..but again working nights sometimes gets your schedule messed up so i love watching everything on my DVR and this is one i always look forward to. Those of you who haven't seen this yet....basically it is this lady in New York, that also has a maternity clothing store, she get calls from mom's to be and helps them with certain things. The past episodes that comes to my mind is Rosie (the Maternity Concierge) helping plan a wedding for a new mom to be like 4 weeks before the baby was due; help baby proof new soon to be parents home and make a nursery; a baby shower/fashion show; religious issues... what ever you can think of people ask her to help with it.

No I do not have children, but with my job a lot of the things she talks with the mom about I already know. I just wonder how it would feel being a new mom and not having the knowledge that i have. You would feel so lost i think. Well that is were a maternity concierge comes in. Too bad my little town might not be in the need of maternity concierge. I have already told The Man i should go live in New York with my brother in law and be a Baby Nurse. Basically i would stay/live with a family that had a newborn and take care of the new baby and teach mom for A LOT of $$$$..... then i decided i would like to have a life of my own and not always be taking care of someone elses family. Maybe I can just go stay in New York for few months and work for Rosie and learn everything i need to know about being a Maternity Concierge and start my own business. :)

What a wonderful world it would be! If anyone needs their own Maternity Concierge...you know where to find me!