Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

The Sweet Man and I love to have parties! I think my favorite type of party to have is Halloween. Everyone get all dressed up in their costumes. It makes it a fun party. This year The Sweet Man decided he wanted us to be Indians. Everyone thinks it is funny that I can get him to dress up, but he always does without a problem. Many people told us they weren't coming if they had to dress up but then they always show up to the party in their costume. This year might have been the best yet on the costumes. Many of our friends were out of town, but it was still a lot of fun. We had a bunch of spooky snacks..that were very good!
Hot Dog Mummies

Dip for the hot dogs

pumpkin cheese ball

Eyeballs... these didn't turn out looking that great with they tasted soo good

witches fingers

I was very good a taking pictures at the beginning but always do bad towards the end. Sorry i don't have that many pictures of the decor and of every one's costume. But I do have a few of my favorites!
A couple of scary ones! I didn't even know who this was for awhile

This looks so weird...huh?

Very cute idea... publishers clearing house

A few of the girls

Me and my chief
This was great! Love it

The hippie people

Love this too. Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter. Their 3 daughters were also dressed up like Alice in Wonderland characters...but they didn't make it to the party
Hippie child and Indian

Me and my sweet baby girl as a pumpkin... Miller was dressed just like her. Ash has the pictures on her camera. I will have to post those later!
Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!

Monday, October 25, 2010


This past weekend we went to Fayetteville for the Ark vs Ole Miss game. We celebrated Scarlet's Birthday too. So we all went to Pat Green concert. This pictures makes me laugh!
Jason, Mary Kate, Kalie and Jason...with Lauren in the background

Laura and Me

Funny Picture of us 3
Scarlet, Mary Kate, and Me

At the Football game before the rain started and the game was postponed twice! The game was early, so some friends decided we would be at breakfast at 8am. What were we thinking

Waiting while the game was postponed the first time. People were everywhere!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well not exactly but I feel like it's my home! At this very moment I am sitting in Fayetteville at one of my friends house. She isn't here yet (thanks to her problems with shopping) so I am sitting on her front porch until she gets here! This is my view

Yep....Turtle creek!

This is where me and 5 other of my friends lived in college! Oh how sweet to look back to those days! In this wonderful house we had some great times. I will never forget when we found it. I called about it and the lady said the doors were unlocked. So we all ran in! Then went back and got the rest of the crew and went in again. We all got on our phones talking to our parents about it. Then a couple of months later it was our house. New! No one had lived in it. Since me and the 2 girls I was living with found it, they let us pick the side we wanted. We lived on the right side! It was the first one we went into so we decided its the one. Then it ended up being the better side. I think they rushed the other side on getting it finished or something!

Then we all graduated and people had change of plans that was best for them at the time. So Scarlet actually moved across the street with Caitlin, which is where I am at this moment! Mary Kate moved into her boyfriends rent not with him...he just owned the house! Now they are married and live in the house. Crazy huh! Katie (which lived on the left side) moved to California. Candel moved in with Mary Kate. And I moved into the left side with Britani and Jordan! Actually jordan moved in before I did when Candel moved out! Gosh that was alot! Anyway many memories made!

We had many visitors! Actually all the time. Michelle lived in my room for a summer while I was in Charleston. Caitlin was an over night guest most weekends..Jordan too before she moved in! Anyway long story short I love that house.

By the way The entire time I was outside waiting on Scarlet, she was actually already here inside waiting on me! Haha! It was ok bc i enjoyed getting to sit and think about the old times.... and think how I am thankfully to have such a good group of girlfriends. Much Love to my girls!
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I know I have not been a very good blogger these days. I keep up with the blog i read but just haven't given my blog any attention... Sorry!

Well i am so excited about this weekend. The Sweet Man and I are heading to Fayetteville on Friday! We have a full weekend of fun! Always happens when are visit Fayetteville. But this time i think we will be able to see all of our favorite friends! Including the GIRLS!!!...
For some reason i love this pictures of all of us. Katie didn't make in this photo.. hard to find one with all of us! We always have such a great time when we are all together.. .and we hopefully will be this weekend! As soon as I get intown i want to do a little shopping and then we will go out to eat to celebrate one of my very best friends BIRTHDAYS!!!

HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY SCARLET celebration is going to be great!

This is Scarlet and me last summer... always taking crazy pictures... always have fun!
After dinner we are going to go see.......

I used to be a huge fan of his when he was more Texas Country type. But it will still be a great show. Then after that i will meet up with The Sweet Man for some great fun with him and all his friends!!! Many exciting things taking place!

THEN... early Saturday morning i will be up getting ready for...... (actually 2 days, 11 hours, and 11 minutes... until the game! No, i don't know this off hand i went to this website and saw it!)

The Razorback vs Ole Miss game!!! This is always a fun one for me, for many reason.
1. A good game is always fun...wish i wasn't at 11:30 but whatev
2. Vs. OLE MISS... major game... we have always kind of been rivals, but ever since Houston Nutt (Ark old Football coach) went to Coach at Ole Miss. It is a major game to win!!!
3. My sister in law went to school at Ole Miss!
I love Razorback football games. There is just something about it. If you haven't experienced it i think you should put it on your life list!!! I hope to have many pictures to post after this weekend. Also, i have been very busy planning a few things. Sunday when we get back we are having a going away party for a dear friend moving to Denver. Then the next Saturday is the big Halloween Party at our house! I have been wanting to blog about that but then the decor and food won't be a surprise!!! The Sweet MAn and my costumes came in yesterday!!! soo excited!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sweet little guy

I wish I lived closer to my brother, sister in law and their baby! Sarah, my sister in law sent me these cute pictures of Hollis. They are his school pictures. Oh I love this kid. I haven't seen him since July! Wish I owned plane! I would fly to see him on the weekends. Or just have a lunch date. Or play date.

I'm going to have to talk to the Sweet Man about the new purchase I would like to make! That is the only way my family being long distance is going to work! Atleast I have my sister back intown. Now just need to work on my brother and his family.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Hunting...Oh how I dislike this season!

For those that don't know I work the dreadful night shift. I have posted about this many times but try to not bring negative things up all the time.

Well so while normal people are out working doing fun things you do during the day, I am in bed alseep. Today, as in yesterday for normal people.... the sweet man wakes me up changing after he got home from work early. Told me he was going hunting... Or huntin' if your in the south.

Number one rule of working night shift for the Sweet man and me WE ALWAYS EAT DINNER TOGETHER BEFORE I GO TO WORK. If not we could possibly go almost 48 hrs if not longer from seeing each if he goes to work before I get home. So needless to say I was a little frustrated. But hunting...puts food on the table...only a season some say! Umm I don't love to eat what he kills anyway. Really freaks me out if I think about it to long. Yes I know it's good for us. The most lean meat. But bothers me at times.

And only a season. Well after that season another season starts. This will go on until Feb. Then it will almost be time for golf. Then football and hunting again. So not just "a season."

I'm going to come up with stuff girls can do year around. I like to shop. But at some point I might run out of money.

So I was all worked up about dinner, kind of upset. I know the sweet man gets so bored when I am gone at night and he is home by himself. So I want him to not miss out on fun bc I am working. But sometimes I am selfish and want it to be all about me.

But while at work The sweet man sent these pics of sweet Lottie with the dove that he had killed!

She is so excited with her first dove. Then I realized how it is something the Sweet Man loves to do and it makes Lottie and Miller so happy too! One day I know the sweet man will enjoy taking our little boy, if its in Gods plan, to hunt. Well maybe not little maybe on his 18th birthday...haha. Yeah. Right! I would not win that fight.

So I'm glad he sent me pictures. Made me realize how I was only thinking about myself. When almost every other night there is dinner ready for me when I get up. (well maybe not the past month but won't go there :)..)

Lifes to short the be upset about small things. And look at our baby girl she won't put the dove down!

Pictures are a little dark bc it was dark outside. But you still can see that sweet thing.
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