Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Best kept secret in town

My last post I told you about my plans for dinner. Well it was amazing. Pops place is the name of the restaurant. I said it has only been here for a couple of years but I learned that it has actually been around for awhile. I was trying to see when it opened but everything said "est: a long time ago." and also said best kept secret in town. That is so true.
It is on the way to some of our good friends house. Every time we pass it we talk about going. The Man wants it to be our new place! If we don't feel like cooking just be the locals at the restaurant. They have a beautiful outdoor seating. We got there after dark so it was slightly chilly. But I did make a friend.

It is the owners cat. I can't remember it's name. But right as we sat down it came meowing at me and then sat in my lap. Good thing I like all animals. The Man doesn't love cats. He called me the crazy cat lady! He would leave and greet other tables to always return. Then the food came. The sweet cat let me eat and as soon as I was finished he was back!

He hung out for awhile then I decided he needed some of my steak. Friends forever after that! The Man was bothered. He doesn't like animals to eat people food. I told him the cat probably eats people food all the time! Just chill. After the amazing dinner we went the Hopkins to listen to my favorite...Dave and Trey.

The lighting was not good for the iPhone but I just love these two. We have come to watch the one on the right for a very long time. He had a band we would go see since I was like 15. They both play at my father in law's, best friend, Michael's restaurant (did y'all follow that). Every year Michael brings them to the cabin for the weekend. It is always such a wonderful time. Listening to them sing all night. Those close to me might remember them from our rehearsal dinner!
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  1. oh yeah pops place has been there FOREVER -- my parents were friends w/ Pop before he died. did u try the boudanne?!? i dont know how to spell that! but it is ammmazing..oh and the best crab legs in town - and steak. haha can u tell i like the place?!?1

  2. Dude. Ive been wanting to go to pops place major until I saw that cat on your lap sick man... I hate cats. And besides that wild Willie would be chasing him all over. Oh gosh I have chills thinking ab that meow kitty

  3. So what did you have to eat at Pop's place? I am always wanting to try new restaurants when we are in Texarkana. I think that it is quite a coincidence that "Pops" is also your dad's name!