Monday, February 14, 2011

Be mine

Happy Valentines! I am not crazy about Valentines I do like the Holiday but my brothers birthday is today so it was a day for him. Of course my parents would get us little things but we didn't take away from jasons birthday. Well then I started dating The Man! since his birhday is just two days before valentines day I still didn't want to take away from him! So we dont go crazy on V-day!

But I did spend the day with one sweet little Valentine!

Will, rach and I spent the afternoon together while the hubbies were making some money!

And since I always get distracted with those two, The Sweet Man got home before me and this is what I got home to! Love a little chocolate and flowers! And a date night out for dinner!

I might be the only girl that doesn't love flowers. I mean I like recieving them just like this...dozen store bought flowers. Flowers die... I think it is crazy to spend more than $20 on flowers. I would rather you take me shopping or day of pampering or small trip! Anyone else feel this way? Hope you had a Happy valentines day!

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  1. im the saaame way about flowers!! ryan bought my dozen at albertsons and i couldnt be happier!! i cannnnnnot stand when he spends $75 for a dozen that are JUST as pretty as the $15 ones from the store!

  2. I didn't think about the fact that you had to deal with jason's bday on V day all growing up! That sure puts a damper on things! The only Valentine I got this year was from Ashley, LOL! Hopefully when Hollis gets older I will teach him he has to spoil his mom on V Day!