Thursday, February 10, 2011

February Fun.....

I had a very eventful weekend not sure why it is taking me forever to share it with ya'll. I am mostly upset about the fact that i didn't capture any pictures! I woke up Friday to The Man telling me where he was going. There was snow covering the ground and him and some friends were like little boys again and playing all day. Needless to say with him out of the house i slept from when i got home from work (8am) until 5:30PM. Oh bother.... I woke up, got caught up on my shows and then we decided to order pizza. I was still pouting about the fact that the snow messed up my trip to Dallas... Then I got the invite to one of my favorite T-town girls' surprise engagement party!!!!!


A few of her family and close friends met at Timothy's. Stella, Nathan, John and Alana came walking through the doors. We all had such a wonderful dinner and i am soo excited for Stella...I am getting excited about all the WEDDING PLANNING... My. Favorite! After dinner we hung out for a little bit to listen to my favorite band play. Big day Sunday for the super bowl

Sunday morning we woke up early for church.. Early as in the service started at 10:00, where we are used to our church starting at 11:00. First Baptist had a scouts Sunday. The Sweet Man was an Eagle Scout troop 16 (I think). So we attended the special service. It is very touching to see how many Boy Scouts dressed in the outfits. Also to see what an accomplishment it is to get your Eagle Scout! Very proub of The Man! After the service we got home and cleaned like crazy and started cooking for our Super Bowl party. Again... no pictures! Not sure what i was thinking. We had about 20 or so people over. Snacks that everyone brought were great. I can honestly say i didn't watch to much of it at all. All the girls were in a different room from the guy so we could chit chat a little and watch what we wanted. The commercials, i have to say, did not impress me one bit. Then the work we started again... But off until next Tuesday...and we have another big weekend planned...

Oh and my little friend patient that i told ya'll about here is back this week and i was able to inform him that it is official!! I do not have a baby growing in me at this moment.

Today Rachel finds out what the sex of her baby is...i can't wait to find out what my new little friend is going to be boy or GIRL!!!

One of my good work friends Birthday's is the same as The Man's (and Abraham Lincoln's...i love him :)) so we are celebrating it tonight at Hopkins. I will try to remember my camera this time.

As for this weekend i have a very fun birthday weekend planned for The Man....and of course then Valentines Day!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week

Sorry no pics just me blabbing!!!!

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