Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My List

So Hanna, one of my best friends most of my life, posted this linky thing about a bucket list. Those things we want to do before we die. Well i went to my journal... yes i kept a journal before the blog world started.... because i made a "To Do" list is what i called it at the time. I had added to it and funny that i have done a lot of things on my list just this past couple of years. I wrote this in 2008.

*Get married- check
*Be a mother
*Be a L&D nurse- almost there i take care of the mom after birth. Keep praying that i get to my goal..and on DAYS!
*Buy a car- check... although i have only had it for a year and have my heart on something else
*Go to California- sister lived there for 3 months so i went to stay with her and went to napa... want to go back
*Go to New York- check...went for my first BIL lives there now
*Own a business
*Buy a house- check..somewhat.. I helped the man pick it out and he bought i pay for it! but ready for a new one. We planned to flip this one and make $$$ and build or buy something new... but with the market like it is..we decided to stay.
*Remain debt free- check....Cars and houses don't count... :) neither do credit cards.. kidding
*Go out of the country- check..went to Dominican Republic for our honeymoon..but have many other places i want to go
*Go to Mexico

New ones i am adding:
*More school... OBGYN, Nurse Practitioner...
*have my car paid off
*have 6 months of all payments/bill in savings.. never know when something could happen
*have 2 kids
*have college funds for kids
*Go to Europe
*Go on a cruise
*Go on a medical missions out of the country. So close to going to Africa once and The Man didn't like the idea...
*Work out every day or at least 4 days a week

This is all i can think of right now...i know there is soo much more. But I have to be up early on normal people time... so better get to bed! 7:00 am is not for me! 3 posts in one day... wow!


  1. yaaaay! thank u for posting!! u have accomplished a lot!

  2. HAHAHHA i just read your comment and that is HILARIOUS!!! its all sooo true. -- i want the cupcake place to be called -- cupcake coutore. doesnt that sound fantastic?!?!