Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring is on the way

Who else was soo happy that the Groundhog did not see his shadow. Every year i am like dang 6 more weeks of winter. I think this year we needed the break more than ever. These last two weeks have been wonderful. (Yes i know groundhogs day was like almost a month ago but i just started thing about wow we really did get an early spring)

Sunday (I know it is Wednesday but i just was in a crazy mood all week and ya'll did not want me to have any posts during that time or they would not have been happy...not like me i know but everyone gets in a funk every now and then) anyway on Sunday while The Man was playing golf (joy it is that time again) i took the dogs on a bike trail by our house. I did not try to take them while i was riding my bike...very much smarter than that..they would have me on the ground. But instead we went for a run/jog/ok i walked. I had the baby girl Lottie on a leash while Big Man Miller ran about. Yes i might be a bad mom but he listens and well Lottie does what she wants to and there are certain areas that are close to streets.

So we went for our little walk.... this is the first thing Miller ran to. WATER. Poor Lottie wanted to go soo bad so i had to let her off the leash to enjoy!
After awhile i tried to get them to come and they were not having it. They LOVED the water. They would run up to the trail, and of course there would be people walking, that they would run up to i am thinking, oh please don't jump on these nice people ya'll are all wet. But as soon as i would throw the stick again they were off after it. For awhile i had a few people watching my crazy dogs have a ball and they were putting on a show. After playing in the water the smelled of it was bath time in the back yard b/c i was not letting them in my house dirty. Well i basically got a bath too and a cold at that. It was like 70 degrees outside but still not time to play in the water.

Then when The Man got home we took the Jeep out for a ride with the top off... and I GOT TO LEARN HOW TO DRIVE A STANDARD. I did pretty good if i say so myself. AS i was driving the Man said i am surprised you haven't killed it yet. UGH. Not 2 sec later dead. But oh well everyone has to learn sometime. He told me NOT to take it out for a drive yet without him. He thinks i did well but might need a few more practice sessions. So sad i did not get my picture driving the jeep. It was soo fun. But kind of stressful. Waiting for the day to come where i don't have to think about it entire time.

We just had a great dinner with friends tonight. Will have more about that on my next post!

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