Friday, May 6, 2011

Maternity Concierge

I think this would be the best job ever. When Bravos show Pregnant in Heels came out one of my friends said to me "that is going to be your new favorite show..huh?" Of course. I love it! I am not all about watching TV all the time..but again working nights sometimes gets your schedule messed up so i love watching everything on my DVR and this is one i always look forward to. Those of you who haven't seen this yet....basically it is this lady in New York, that also has a maternity clothing store, she get calls from mom's to be and helps them with certain things. The past episodes that comes to my mind is Rosie (the Maternity Concierge) helping plan a wedding for a new mom to be like 4 weeks before the baby was due; help baby proof new soon to be parents home and make a nursery; a baby shower/fashion show; religious issues... what ever you can think of people ask her to help with it.

No I do not have children, but with my job a lot of the things she talks with the mom about I already know. I just wonder how it would feel being a new mom and not having the knowledge that i have. You would feel so lost i think. Well that is were a maternity concierge comes in. Too bad my little town might not be in the need of maternity concierge. I have already told The Man i should go live in New York with my brother in law and be a Baby Nurse. Basically i would stay/live with a family that had a newborn and take care of the new baby and teach mom for A LOT of $$$$..... then i decided i would like to have a life of my own and not always be taking care of someone elses family. Maybe I can just go stay in New York for few months and work for Rosie and learn everything i need to know about being a Maternity Concierge and start my own business. :)

What a wonderful world it would be! If anyone needs their own Maternity know where to find me!

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