Thursday, April 7, 2011

26 years!!!

One of my best friends who happens to be my cousin celebrates her 26th Birthday today!

She lives in North Carolina so we only get to see each other a few times a year. This weekend we planned on getting together in Little Rock for her birthday today and celebrating all weekend. A few plans changed since my papaw so i am not able to go to Little Rock... I AM SOO SAD... but that is part of life i guess. I decided to make this post about her. My Beautiful redhead cousin. I can't explain how much she means to me. She only has a brother so i feel like me and my sister were like her sisters growing up.

I don't have any picture of us young on my computer but here are a few from the past couple of years!

This is us Freshman year of college in our Dorm Room!

Our Senior year of college

Trip to Austin, Summer 09

At My Bachelorette party

Another funny picture from my Bachelorette weekend!

Summer 2009: At my Wedding shower!

While getting ready for my wedding...before i got into my dress! We are alway silly when we get together... we were sharing cheesecake on a stick while visiting her and my brother in North Carolina

In New Orleans for Halloween! Alwasy ready for a good time!
Alwasy ready for a good photo oppurtunity

Everytime we are together we always have such a good time. Hopefully she will live closer so me soon. Much love! Hope to see you soon!

{Not sure why the pictures won't center on the page}

Update on Papaw: We are still in the hospital. He still looks the same. Resp rate is decreasing. Many hours spent visiting the hospital. Off until Monday so that is good. THe past few night while i had to work i would spend my breaks or as much time as i could with him during the night. Then during the day i would come sleep in his room. Our family would be here to so but if something happened i would be here and would be able to wake up rather than if i was at home sleeping! ...FYI..Hospital guest beds ARE. AWFUL.

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  1. I feel so special! Thanks Jenni! We will see each other soon! Much love! Sara