Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My sweet Papaw

Please keep my family in your thoughts this week! My Dad and Aunt are having to make some really difficult decisions this week! My sweet, wonderful, 98 year old Papaw is in the hospital! Hospice took over his care today! We all know the answers to these tough questions but I know it is hard for my Aunt and Dad to only give comfort measure and not help certain infections and other medical things going on to their DAD!

Anyone that knows my grandfather probably has a smile on their face just thinking about him. He is one of the best men i know. He has also accomplished so much in his 98 years of living. I will wait and share all these things when the time is right!

Last night I worked so I went to see home throughout the night. Funny little story: They had to restart his IV and he sure was a mess. The nurses said he wouldn't let them touch him, that maybe I could help! I'm thinking oh no...I can't do that...this is my papaw. But I just held is hand and said to him Papaw, they have to restart your IV to make you all better! He looked up at me, I guess since I called him Papaw, and just said Okay (in the sweetest voice) without a fight. Now since hospice has taken over he doesn't need his IV for fluids, medications or anything.

My heart is so full of emotions right now. I know he will be in a much better place and with my sweet Meme. But I dread the day it happens! I hurt for my Father and Aunt. I hurt for my little cousins that have lost 3 family member in the past year...they say they understanding...but do they really. I hurt for My Aunt b/c she takes care of him EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY. I know that was hard on her but that is all she knew and now what will she do. I really have always been ok with death, but i haven't had a family member die in probably 20 years! I have pictures to share with you! I know it's a sad way to remember him but he is just so darn cute!

He likes the blankets all over his body he sometime even cover his head! He reminds me of ET! My mom came to visit him before she went to work and I was there since I just got off work so I wanted my picture taken with him!

Papaw and tooter-rooter.

(That is what he called me when I was little! )

Please keep my family in your prayers... I will keep you all updated!

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  1. Thinking of you, your family, and of course precious Papaw. Lots and lots of prayers! xoxo

  2. oh jenni.. that pic brought tears to eyes..i remember that silly ol man!! ;) he looks absolutly precious. praying!!

  3. Nooooooooooo. I am balling my eyes out! Like sobs. We were just talking about him! Just keep thinking about your precious grandmother and what a homecoming that'll be. But I am with you-- I don't like seeing my own daddy sad or dealing with stuff like this. Praying for your sweet little family