Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Papaw is home

Saturday night Jason, Sarah and Hollis got intown! The first thing they did was go see Papaw in the hospital! Sunday Papaw was discharged from the Hospital and we brought him to his house still under Hospice care! All of our family was at his house when we got there! We got all new sheets and blankets for his hospital bed at his home! He is looking pretty stylish! His resp rate continues to increase but breathing is much more shallow! Someone is with him 24/7! How this sweet man is holding on I am still not sure! Each day he is getting weaker and weaker. We are pretty sure he can hear us and knows what we are saying just doesn't have the energy to respond. Mom and I spent the night with him last night! I think she sang to him for 2 hours! He loved it. One song we think he was trying to sing too bc his lips where just moving like crazy! I would give him a kiss on his head and he was trying so hard to say something. I told him I was about to give him a hug. I put my arms on each side of him and gently bent down to him to hug him! He picked up his arm and was trying to put it on my back! But didnt have the strength! Ahh so sweet. Memories I will have forever! Today is Aunt Margies birthday so maybe he is holding on until tomorrow! We thank everyone for the calls, visits, snacks, and meals. Again it means more than you know! Thank you for all your prayers. Please continue to pray the Lord will take him home peacefully. Jenni's iPhone

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