Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thank you for the prayers...

Thank you everyone for the comments, FB messages, Texts, and phone calls. You really don't know how much your prayers and kind words mean to my family and me. Papaw is still about the same. RR rate has increased but each breath is very shallow. He is peaceful majority of the time. When he calls out or moans we make sure he has his pain meds. He can't really tell us what hurts but we don't want him to be in pain at all. My brother Jason and his family are heading this way. It is about a 16 hour drive for them, with a 2 year old, so really even longer. When Hospice took over they gave us 5 days in the hospital and then they will continue his care at his house. Tonight is our last night in the Hospital. He will go home tomorrow. He has is own little house built onto my Aunts. We will continue to stay with him and take shifts during the night. We really didn't think he would make it long enough to go home but, like i said, he is one tough guy and proving us wrong. I am just so thankful Jason, Sarah and Hollis are on their way. Maybe he is holding on to see that favorite grandson of his. Last night while my cousin and I were sitting with Papaw he started calling out for his Mother...actually "Moma" is how he said it. I understand it is the end of life for him but still was very sad/sweet/emotional. You just wonder what he is thinking about or seeing! Today he said "Hold me." I thought my mom was going to jump in the bed and wrap her arms around him. Seems like listening to songs and really paying attention to the lyrics are a little more sentimental these days. My dad came in the other morning humming Daddy's hands. He said that song has been on his mind. I started singing it and we all got pretty emotional. Also Hymns like Ye who are weary, Come home, will get you every time. One of my friends told me she thought of me and papaw while listening to this song. I decided to listen to it and Man....soo sweet. Believe by Brooks & Dunn. Thanks again everyone. I will keep you updated.

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