Friday, April 1, 2011

Big baby

These past couple of weeks have been extra emotional for me. I mentioned it in a previous blog that i would have a very emotional week. Well it is because my little family has been a little sickly.

{pic from Christmas card photo shoot Dec 2009}

I guess while the man and I were about to get married he/we forgot to give Miller his monthly meds. Then we got out sweet little puppy Lottie and started him back on his meds. This past summer when i took them both to the vet they said Lottie was great...BUT MILLER HAD HEART WORMS. They said it couldn't have been the months we didn't give them to him or the fact that he was 118# and we were giving him the accurate dose.

I cried....yes just me and my dogs sitting in the room with the vet and huge tears are flowing.

(yes i know its a dog...but its my oldest child-dog...and we love him very very much) I thought to am i ever going to be a good mommy to children if i can't take care of my dogs! We went back around Sept and got his first little treatment. They said to bring him back in 3 months. Well that happened to fall around hunting season so they just said to bring him after.

I am not sure why we waiting until the end of March....i think The man and i tried to pretend like it would be fine he would get better. Then some people were saying it costs thousands of $. (not that it matters the costs we love this big boy) but gosh that is a lot of money. The man and i woke up early one morning to drop him off at the vet. I sat in the car because i could feel the tears coming.

I went and picked him up as soon as i woke up the next day. He was soo excited to see me... yes tears started then too. They said we had to keep him calm. (Those that have met Miller know nothing about him is CALM.) But since he wasn't feeling well he would just lay there most of the time. Lottie would try to play and he would look up and then lie his head back down. Didn't eat....didn't want a bone.. BROKE MY HEART. When the Man got home from work he didn't even run to the door to meet him. The man starting to talk to him and would just raise his head to look at him. OMG... BREAK. MY. HEART.

After the next couple of day he starting acting like was feeling better but still had to keep him "calm" in the house and not run around outside. Miller hasn't peed in the house since he was probably 2 months old. That poor thing was peeing everywhere and all over the place...

The carpets will be professionally cleaned shortly

He went for a check up Tuesday and they said he was acting and looked better than any dog after a treatment... YES good news. We will take him back in a month for his round 2 treatment that he has to stay for 2 nights :( I did put him on diet so his heart worm meds will work better for his size. He now weighs 90 #! woohoo. Please keep my Big Man...(that is what The Man calls him) in your thoughts. We don't want him to change at all. We want him to still be as playful as always and love Lottie and us and everyone else that is ever around him. And we need him here for many many more years! He is only 7! Which i know if older in dog years...but still!
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  1. Awe... He will be ok! I know what its like beacause my doggie had to go thru this and after all the treatments she was better than ever!! Its hard seeing them go thru this but the hardest part is keeping them calm!! I will keep your big man in my thoughts... they are our kiddos and mean so much to us!!

  2. awww thats sad ;( my sisters dog had the same was expensive but SO worth it in the end. he will come out a brand new man! ;)

  3. Our black lab, Barkley, is Miller's size and age. There isn't any amount of money that we wouldn't spend if something happens. I'm sending happy thoughts your way!