Monday, March 28, 2011

Life is good

{For some reason this post will only show up one big paragraph...sorry. I Hope its not too long} Isn't it crazy how in life we always talk about the bad things or more depressing things going on in our life. Most of the time we don't always share the good, happy, positive things. I don't know if it is that people feel bad or what...but i try to always be more positive so today this post is a happy post. I am not sure if it is this time of year but i am getting so excited about what the future holds. This past weekend The Man's family was in town. His mother has 2 sisters so 3 girls in all. Both sisters have 3 girls. (I am really not sure how my MIL ended up with 2 boys.) 3 of the Man's cousins were in town... all girls, so i of course loved every bit of it...and i am sure my MIL did too since she is surrounded by boys. One of his cousins, Madison, just had a baby girl that i held every moment i could. L.O.V.E that beautiful girl to death. Another cousin Raven has 4 boys running around, and then the other cousin there Leighann will hopefully soon be getting engaged and married. The other 3 girl cousins that weren't there also have fun things going on. One pregnant and another getting married this summer! Needless to say life is good in their family. A lot of change but change is great. I feel like i spend so much time thinking... planning... for the future that i forget to sit and enjoy the here and now. I feel like as i get older i have become such a planner. Before the man and i got engaged i would DREAM of my wedding and have it all planned out even before i had a ring on my finger. I thought that is what ever girl does. Then i realized maybe not...i am just be a little obsessed. OBSESSED...that is the word i hear from The Man all the time. I guess i think out loud to him sometime... I get something on my mind and just go crazy.... For example i have a few things i have planned already (in my head)....if Gods will of course. The Man's 30th birthday....My grandfathers 100th birthday (Jan 21, 2013...crazy i know)..... Next years Christmas card..... Outfits for this summer vacation with my family..... Dinner for this summer vacation (The Man thinks i am crazy)..... How i will tell the man we are having a baby (We aren't even trying)...... How we will tell our family and friends we are having a baby..... How i will decorate my new house (I can't live in this one my entire life...right?)..... The next wedding shower i hos......t The next baby shower i host..... My Nursery one day! I am crazy or does anyone else do this? I am so excited about the future and all these things that i already have "planned out in my head." But i know i just need to sit and enjoy the right now. As my MIL said this weekend "we all just need to be thankful and happy with the good things in our life and people we have to enjoy life with." This is so true and i am going to try to starting soaking up every moment of this life i live, that i thank God for everyday! Also this weekend was great, spent time with the Man's family Friday night. Breakfast with my mom Saturday morning then afternoon with The Man's family. Saturday night we enjoyed a wedding shower of some good friends and then a night out with friends that i haven't gotten to see in awhile or hardly ever hang out with. Sunday, church and then nap and afternoon and dinner with the Man's family....LIFE IS GOOD!


  1. i do that too--- except i get one plan in my head and RUSH my life until that moment gets here -- like hannahs 6th bday in july -- i have the whole party planned out, decoration, to food, to invites, and i cannot wait!! but i hate that i ruuush my life till the next big moment i need to slow down too and appreciate what is NOW

  2. You make my life good!!!!!' you and snowcones!!!! And Willie!!!!! I've got to feel you in. On my life is not so good weekend. Love you pies!

  3. we are just alike! I am only 20 and I feel like I have my life planned out until Im 50 (exaggerating a tad). It's nice to know that I am not the only one! You are so right- we need to enjoy the now! Also, our plans might not be God's plans!