Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR.... Football, Friends, and Tailgating FUN!

This is the time of year that i miss Fayetteville the most. Although The Sweet Man and I try to make it to Fayetteville for all the big games, its just sad not to be there for all of them. Only 2 more days until we are back in Fayetteville with all of our friends to cheer on the HOGS! Something about college towns and football.... BIG DEAL~ but i feel Arkansas it is even more . Maybe b/c UofA is the only major college in Arkansas.
I was looking back at old pictures and had to share fun tailgating pics. Hope you enjoy. Hopefully will have new ones to post when we get back in town!

Our friends had us a tailgate shower last year. It was actually the weekend before our wedding. I might have been a little stressed! But was so fun....and so thoughtful!

My girls at the tailgate/shower!
This is my most favorite family to tailgate with. Most of my college years were spent at this tailgate, and will still always have to stop by. I hope one day i will bring my little ones to this tailgate with me. Oh.... how I love this family.
At the same favorite tailgate as above... at a different time.. maybe even different year.

Pretty sure this is at the same favorite tailgate too. We seem to always all meet up here!

Many of both, mine and The Sweet Man's, friends have moved off but we all seem to come back together during this time. It is always a blast. Can't wait....

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