Saturday, September 11, 2010

We will never forget....

Sept 11 is a Day that we will never forget! I was in High School, in 1st period. The rest of the day in each class we just watched the News. I remember my Dad telling me to never forget where I was when i first heard the news. It will be story and a memory I would have forever.

The Sweet Man and I got married Sept 12,so rehearsal and everything was on Sept. 11. During our ceremony my pastor actually brought up what a special Day Sept 11 is to our Country. Brought us all together. Heroes lost their lives. They will never be forgotten. Those that know me know how patriotic i am and how much i love America.

I thought today was a great day to post about my New York trip. The Sweet Man and I went to visit his brother in NYC. We had never been to NYC before and what a wonderful time we had.

This is ground zero. There is a fence around the entire area with this cover over it so you can't actually see ground zero too good.

The Sweet Man is a volunteer firefighters so he was really wanting to go the NY Firefighter Museum. It was very emotional. Below is time line of pictures from 9-11. Below it is the time and statement about each picture.

These are all the firemen that lost their lives on 9-11. I believe there are about 300 and something with around 75 bodies that were never found.

Yes i put on the firefighter gear. It is so HOT...i really have no idea how they wear all that and run into a burning building.
I took a lot of the pictures that everyone takes while in New York. So I only posted some of my favorite and left off the same tourist pictures everyone comes home with!

The Sweet Man and Me in Time Square
Looks just like you see it on Movies

Hamilton, my brother in law, did a great job showing us around the city. I think in the first 2 days we saw every touristy thing we could see. He also did great at picking places to eat. This was one of my favorites. With such a great atmosphere, you look over this pond in central park that people are out in little boats. I also think this is the pond that you ice skate during the winter. I just knew I would see someone famous at this such luck!

Us at The Boat House at Central Park

The Sweet Man and Hamilton on the subway

China Town! It was fun but didn't really get anything... a couple of block is little Italy. We ate at such a good Italian place.

This was one of my request that I really wanted to go while in NYC. It is actually pretty close to Hamilton's place. There was such a long wait every time we would go by. Finally our last night we went to eat dinner then went to see how long the wait was. ONLY 35 min. So we got to go! woohoo!

BEST FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE ever... The Sweet man and I shared a peanut butter flavored one. Hamilton got the Chocolate one. I ended up eating/drinking his too!

Of Course we had to stop the the New York Stock Exchange

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