Monday, September 27, 2010

Fair Week!

Last week was fair week. I think everyone no matter what age always becomes a kid again during fair week. I do not get on any rides, I just enjoy the food and entertainment. It started not this past Saturday but the one before that. Lasts a week! The first Saturday of the Fair The Sweet Man had tickets to the demolition derby. I was scheduled to work so he just invited some guy friends. Then i got put on call so I got to join the guys. If you have not experienced the demolition derby, before you judge, you should go to one. I heard one of my mom's friends call it the "Redneck Rodeo" and that is soo true. It is soo very redneck but it is a lot of fun to watch. You just have to embrace it. This is the only picture I took that night. Too bad i didn't get a picture of the guys b/c they were like little boys so excited. It was pretty funny!

Picture taken with iPhone. These were the last 3 cars. They all got stuck together so they were pulling them apart!

Then last Thursday was Rodeo night. I secretly want to be a Rodeo Queen. I love it and always have. I asked for a horse as a child probably 5 times a year. Never seemed to get one. My Parents said we didn't have anywhere to put it. The Sweet Man says one day we will possibly get one. But I think my Rodeo Queen days will probably be over then. :) Before the Rodeo my family and the sweet man walked around to find our favorite fair food to eat. Me and Ash enjoying the food at the fair ready for the Rodeo

On Friday we left for Fayetteville. We always love staying with the Penningtons. They have a dog so we get to take sweet Lottie. We went to a charity event with them. The sweet little puppy in Suz's arms they actually won. Cute little Kevin They realized a new puppy wasn't for them, so in less then 24 hrs they found a good home for the sweet little thing!

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