Sunday, September 26, 2010

Football FUN....

Mann.... How about those HOGS! Yes, I know we didn't win but we played a great game. We always mess those certain play up. 24/20 to the #1 team in the country isn't too bad. And they didn't do anything really until the last quarter. How amazing it would have been if we would have won. But we are still proud of those Hogs. And i loved getting to visit all my favorite people, minus a few that i didn't get to see. Football weekends or always crazy busy weekends!

At common grounds for brunch before the game. So glad I got to see this lovely face! Miss you so much! Trip to Nashville has got to be in the works soon!

me and Jordan

In all my years as a college student at the U of A, I never saw the bus with the band, Cheerleaders and Tusk I, II, or III. Unit now!

I also never stood in line like this as a student. This is crazy. We heard on the news or TV that on Thursday night there were 30-40 tents up with people camping out.

As a student at UofA, for those that don't know, you can buy tickets to all the games for a $1 game, that was the cost when i was there. The good seats are first come basis. I was always in the upper deck since i didn't get in line early. Then we thankfully got season tickets!

My besties at my "favorite tailgate." I stopped by to see MK and then Scarlet and Caitlin walked up. Then not 10 min later Jordan and her sister were there. Like I said. Somehow we all just meet up at this tailgate to see the family!
Me, Mary Kate, Caitlin, Scarlet

My first time to meet Sweet baby Alex. His parent are good friend of mine and the Sweet Man but live about 3 hrs from us!
I want one!!!

The Sweet Man and me
(After soonone spilled there drink all over him, me and sweet alex's head)

Look at all that Red! We played a really good game. Just wish it could have ended better!

This was the kid in front of us! Loved it!
Oh how I miss Fayetteville! We had such a great weekend. A very fast one but it was a lot of fun. Early games are hard b/c you don't have time to hang out too long before the game and then after the game everyone is so tired and everywhere is sooo busy.

Ready for the next one!

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  1. Love your sunglasses! Sounds like a fun time!