Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A week ago....

A week ago today one of my good friends had a sweet baby boy name Brody. I feel like it took forever for him to get here but he was actually a little early. We were all so excited to meet him. This is one of the greatest part of my job, getting to take care of or seeing good friends at the best time of their life. I didn't get to take care of her b/c i was on Pedi but did visit her both day she was there. Sweet Brody and his mom, one of my favorite people, and of course his dad live about an hour away from where we work and i live. I hope to be taking a few road trips to see them and also told her she better call when they are in town!

This was taken the night sweet Brody was born. All the ladies we work with!
The next day i came by to visit before they went home. Had to take a pic with the new mom, baby and me!

You would have thought Brody would be used to the flash of a camera. But this was the face he made when i took a picture of him sleeping! OMG i love him!This is not a HIPAA violation...my friend is ok with me posting about them. haha! Just incase someone was worried about it!

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