Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summer Shows...

So... I am really not much for watching TV. I know kind of crazy... but i don't just sit around watching whatever is on or listening to music. Just not that type of person. BUT.... DVR is the best thing ever! I do have to admit that I am slightly addicted to All My Children! Yes, many are thinking that show that grandmother watched. YES...my grandmother also watched it... AND I LOVE IT. I finally met someone that loves it just as much as me. She actually a little crazier b/c she watched all 3 that are on ABC. We lived together in college and would just sit and play all the one DVR'd (if that's even a word) that day. Man how I miss her. We did get a lot of friends watching them. And some hated them... :) We would talk about the characters and call them by name. Many people thought we were talking about someone real. Too funny. The Sweet man will sometime say "Is this is real person or someone on All My Children." Anyway... so this summer i got major hooked on a few shoes... The Bachelor Pad and Big Brother. I did talk about Big brother on my previous post. I am not sure if anyone else watched these but i love them and going to miss them so much.

The Bachelor Pad..... It has all the favorites from the passed seasons of the Bachelor and Bachelorette. They all played against each other. The boys voted off the girls, and girls voted off the boys. They would compete and then get to pick a few people to go on a date and give a rose to that person. They would both be safe. I thought it was going to be stupid.. BUT ENDED UP LOVING IT. In the end the played by couples. I sooooo wanted Tinley and Kipton to win but didn't work out that way. So sad! I think she and I would be friends in real life...Can't wait until next season... not sure if there is one or how they will do it b/c all the favorite were on this one!

Next... BIG BROTHER... I have loved this for many years. I really really really want to be on it. I never thought I would ever be picked until this year and girl, Kathy, from my home town was on it. No i do not know her. But i will say she is a cop on my side of town. Anytime i pass a cop car i am like looking in it so i can meet her. Also another girl, Brittney, she was my favorite, is from Arkansas. Is from a small town near Fayetteville. She and her soon to be hubbie had a house in Little Rock.. It actually burnt down the day of of Big brother...very sad b/c her family didn't tell her b/c there wasn't anything she could do. So weird for me to have known about her house burning down before she even did and watching her on TV when she didn't even know.

This is Brittney.. my fav. And soo crazy, i could totally meet her one day b/c she talks like she goes to Fayetteville all the time for football game. Seems to be a pretty big HOG fan! I will be on the look out for her this weekend and the game!!!

This is Kathy. She is the cop from my town. I will always be looking for her. I was trying to decide if i do see her if it is weird to ask her take a picture with me. B/c she really isn't a celebrity but kind of. And if i become friends with her then maybe I can become friends with Brittney. Not sure if she and Brittney really liked each other towards the end of the game. But she is who i wear my teal toenail polish for!

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