Friday, October 1, 2010

Hunting...Oh how I dislike this season!

For those that don't know I work the dreadful night shift. I have posted about this many times but try to not bring negative things up all the time.

Well so while normal people are out working doing fun things you do during the day, I am in bed alseep. Today, as in yesterday for normal people.... the sweet man wakes me up changing after he got home from work early. Told me he was going hunting... Or huntin' if your in the south.

Number one rule of working night shift for the Sweet man and me WE ALWAYS EAT DINNER TOGETHER BEFORE I GO TO WORK. If not we could possibly go almost 48 hrs if not longer from seeing each if he goes to work before I get home. So needless to say I was a little frustrated. But hunting...puts food on the table...only a season some say! Umm I don't love to eat what he kills anyway. Really freaks me out if I think about it to long. Yes I know it's good for us. The most lean meat. But bothers me at times.

And only a season. Well after that season another season starts. This will go on until Feb. Then it will almost be time for golf. Then football and hunting again. So not just "a season."

I'm going to come up with stuff girls can do year around. I like to shop. But at some point I might run out of money.

So I was all worked up about dinner, kind of upset. I know the sweet man gets so bored when I am gone at night and he is home by himself. So I want him to not miss out on fun bc I am working. But sometimes I am selfish and want it to be all about me.

But while at work The sweet man sent these pics of sweet Lottie with the dove that he had killed!

She is so excited with her first dove. Then I realized how it is something the Sweet Man loves to do and it makes Lottie and Miller so happy too! One day I know the sweet man will enjoy taking our little boy, if its in Gods plan, to hunt. Well maybe not little maybe on his 18th birthday...haha. Yeah. Right! I would not win that fight.

So I'm glad he sent me pictures. Made me realize how I was only thinking about myself. When almost every other night there is dinner ready for me when I get up. (well maybe not the past month but won't go there :)..)

Lifes to short the be upset about small things. And look at our baby girl she won't put the dove down!

Pictures are a little dark bc it was dark outside. But you still can see that sweet thing.
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