Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Can finally tell...

After my unanswered prayers post i got a lot of fb messages and texts thinking i was pregnant... crack me up. I would have shared it in that post if i was preggers for sure. Getting pregnant is not something i have struggled with over the past year either... anyway... to the good news and PRAYER GOD ANSWERED.

I got a new job... same hospital, same management (kind of) but going to


This is the BEST job ever in my eyes. It is what I went to Nursing School for. Some of you might be thinking to yourself "this is what i thought you did in the first place." Most people think that but really i take care of the mom right after the delivery. So basically I had the "dirty" part of the job. But i loved it, being a part of the best moment in a new mom and dads life is great. Now i am going to be a party of bring a new life into the world. So amazing.

I am very scared, not knowing anything about helping the doctor with the delivery stresses me out. In school we just got to watch, we didn't get to do anything during the delivery. It is a lot of change for me but i kind of like change. I don't know any of the nurses really. I obviously know day shift on my side of the floor and i know night shift on L&D but not day shift. So it will be like my first day as a new grad all over again. But so worth it to do your dream job! It is the same Doctors I have been working with, but as a night shift nurse we didn't see them as much, just called them during the nights.

I tried not to go on and on in posts, but working nights was really hard on me. It was really hard when the man and i first got married. If you haven't worked a 12 hour night shift, it somewhat feels like you have the flu 24/7 or you got hit by a truck. When you are at work it isn't bad but when you have to live a normal day shift life after not sleeping is awful. After a year of night shift i applied for a school nurse job b/c it wasn't looking like i was going to day anytime soon. I think they thought i was to young to be a middle school nurse. Then this past year when my sister moved here and started working at the other hospital in town i decided since she loved it i would apply for a day shift position there. This didn't work out...which were my unanswered prayers...so i thought.... little did i know i just needed to have faith. After 3 years i am finally doing my dream job. Soo excited and so scared at the same time. And i start in a week... ahhh! I will let you all know how it goes. It is a pay cute but I have always said I would pay someone to let live a normal life. And i never really understood how i could have children and work night shift! Oh yeah...so i just got offered the job today. I heard that i was possible going to get it and i was taking off the schedule on my floor so i knew something was going on...but didn't want to jinx myself! Say a little prayers for me next Wednesday...my first day on L&D.


  1. thats so flipping cool!!! so what exactly is your job description? like.. assist while the women is pushing?? help the dr or the patient?? i dont know how you could look at a baby being born every day! hahaha what all drs do you work for?

  2. yeah for you! CONGRATS!! so sad i didn't get to have you for L&D!! :(

  3. congratulations! that sounds amazing!