Friday, May 13, 2011

My little friends...

This week I got to see most of my little friends, all but my main man Hollis!

This past weekend we went to Dallas for Mothers day weekend with the Mans family! We had such a wonderful time as always but it was extra fun bc of this sweet little one, Ainsley!

She makes my heart melt! She is the only baby girl of all my family and close friends. The rest are boys! She and her family are coming intown in a week! I can't wait!

On Sunday we got a call that The Man and my god son wanted to visit me on mothers day! I had to work Sunday night so we planned dinner for Wednesday. This sweet one got me a bracelet for mothers day! So thoughtful! Something I will keep forever!

Then Thursday I got to keep my very best little friend while his mom got her hair cut! Really I think this little fella thinks we are friends not me and his mom! Every now and then he would say "ere moma go"? but didn't get upset ever! He was too busy playing with "Ninni's babies" this is what he calls my dogs!

Loving on miller!

Giving Lottie kisses

Trying to ride Miller

" I pick flower for moma." it was so cute I couldn't dare tell him no that those are Ninni's flowers that I worked so hard planting and keeping alive!

Miller, Lottie & Will. Best. Friends.

Picking Ninni a flower....again couldn't say no!

Then picking Lottie a flower

"Lottie you a flower"

I knew he was soo tired but didn't want to go inside for a nap. Instead went into The Mans (or as Will calls him "Alor") shed and wanted to ride this ride...aka the lawn mower! He thought it was so fun just to sit on it!

More kisses from Lottie!

And sweet hugs that might be a little tight! But my babies and Will had such a fun time and I know they were tired little guys! Will did not want to leave Ninni's house when his mom came to get him!

Thanks Rach for letting Will come play! We had such a good time!

I love all these little ones! And so excited to be in their life and see them all grow up to be such sweet kids!

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