Monday, May 31, 2010

Celebrating our Sweet Hereos

I think we all forget about the reason we celebrate Memorial Day. I was listening to Kid Kradick (not real sure how he spells it) but he was talking about how everyone makes all these plans for a fun memorial day weekend and we don't even take the time to realize the true reason for memorial day. We all talk about the true meaning of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Eater and the 4th of July. But when we talk about Memorial Day weekend we talk about our vacations to the beach or trip to the lake or river or time spent with family. So at this moment I am riding on top of my aunt and uncles house boat going back to the dock and wanted to share with y'all my view.

Im so thankful for the soldiers fighting for our country. And the families that have loved ones who are there. Anyone that knows me well knows that I'm a very patriotic person. No I didn't bring out the American flag swim suit this time. (Ashley would have killed me). But did have a great day yesterday and today on the lake. Thank you McDaniels for another great time at the lake. More pictures soon.

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  1. It was the best weekend a girl could have asked for! Thank you for sharing it with me!