Friday, May 21, 2010

I love sweet Lottie, but....

Having a dog and a pretty back yard just doesn't work well. If anyone is thinking of getting a puppy and loves having your yard looking nice with green grass and beautiful flowers....think again. I have green grass along with some areas that are now brown from where her and miller run. Also areas that she dug as far as she could. And just yesterday the sweet man (although not so smart yesterday) put my hanging baskets, that I just got last week, in the yard so they could get water from the rain. This is what I woke up to....

All she wanted was the basket, chewed it up and left the flowers alone. I was so sad. I was thankful the sweet man was watering the flowers, but hopefully he now knows not to do it like that again. But look how sweet she is, can't stay mad too long.

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