Thursday, May 20, 2010

I love SHOWERS!!!!

This past weekend I had a baby shower at my house for a good friend of mine that I also work with. I hosted the work shower for the Mother-to-be and Sweet baby Aven. I love showers. To have all your friends and family in one place for you. I haven't had a baby shower since I have no children but i love throwing them. There are so many cute themes and ideas out there.

This is an awful picture of me but had to have one with the Mother-to-Be!

Her nursery is black and white Damask with green and pink. So i of course went all out on the pink and a little bit of green here and there!

I took a picture of the food table before we got all the food into the dishes... we were hungry girls but not that hungry!!!

I surprised the Mother-to-be by getting ahold of her maternity pictures that she had not recieved yet. And had a fewed framed for her!! (For those planning a shower...very good decoration and sweet gift for the mother-to-be)

This is an easy and cheap way to decorate and something extra for the Mom to take home. These are onesies from Targert. And i think they were pretty cute if i say so myself!

The favors might be my favorite part of the shower. I thought it was just too cute. And who doesn't like eatable favors!

A few of the work girls at the shower!

And the best part of hosting a shower is having your kitchen help. Two of the Mother-to-be and my friends and my sister came to help with the dishes and such while I was enjoying the shower. Thanks girls.. couldn't have done everything without you!
Only a week or so until Sweet Baby Aven is here with us! CAN'T WAIT!!!

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