Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Lottie

Sweet Lottie is one year old today. As i wrote in the blog before, she can be a handful. But we love her so much. She is just so sweet, and pretty and the best personality. The Sweet Man and I got Lottie 2 months before we got married so she is extra special to us. We do have 2 older dogs Miller & Ozzi but just one sweet baby girl Lottie.

She is a boykin spaniel. The Sweet Man has always had labs and big dogs and my family would have all different kinds but never a boykin.

Little history on boykins they are the "dog of South Carolina". They are great hunting dogs. Very good for retrieving. She was too hung this year to go with the sweet man but already has plans to go on a quail hunt this fall.
Enjoy pictures of the sweet baby girl.

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